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  1. 2 seasons on my F24mk1 and it is rock solid stable. Had it in rougher seas (1-2 meters rolling, bow jumping out of the water and slaming every few waves) and was in full control. But I am a family sailor and need to keep the family happy so often times we are more looking for ways to slow the boat down. Here we are in 15-20kts and I got the boat trimmed down to 5kts because the kids wanted to play on the nets. caveat, I don’t have performance sails and I am pretty sure my boat weighs a ton but I almost never reef and the few times I did burry a float the boat didn’t even flin
  2. Sweet! Now just need a few F31 AC owners to put theirs up for sale to get the new 880 so I can buy their F31!
  3. Sold the TI and got my daughter her own little dingy to play with around the house when time/weather doesn’t let us sail the F24. The F24 wins the smiles per mile everyday. I do think I sailed the TI more though because every time we take the F24 out we try to make it a whole day thing but we still love it and it’s a proper sailboat. Setup is not that bad it is nerve racking raising that mast but not really hard and with synthetic shrouds it’s easy to manage the lines. Took me about 2 hours from full winter storage (sails/lines in bags, mast on sawhorses in the back yard) to read
  4. Back from the dead! Just came across this thread and thought I’d add some closure (I know folks were really hanging on for an update). We did buy an F24 but we got the Mk1 as I wanted the centerboard option. We have had it for a season and a half now and like my Hobies I find a sandbar or 2 every time I sail so the centerboard option was the right choice. The family loves it and after sailing on a buddies 38ft mono there is no way I’ll go mono (well nothing less than 50ft). 6 kids and 4 adults on the F24 and it doesn’t even bat-an-eye, 8-10 knots easy. Now I do have to do s
  5. Copy, guess I should have read the post better. My centerboard cap is about 5 inches above the waterline (I can take it off in the water when not under sail). I have been using butyl tape on it for 2 years no issue. 4200 sounds like a no brained then, that’s what I use on all things below the waterline.
  6. I have been looking at the Jimmy Skiff 2 not soo high performance but looks neat. Maybe start with a kayak? https://www.clcboats.com/modules/catalog/boat.php?category_qn=wooden-sailboat-kits&subcat_qn=sailing-dinghies&code=Jimmy-Skiff-II
  7. I feel like you could make parts for it on the cheap to just dink around if you don’t care about looks. Hell growing up my sunfish sail had more duck tape thank stitches in some places.
  8. 200 seems like a no brained to me. I too went thru this with my 7 year old and landed on a Taz with a dolly for 1500. The plastic self draining cockpit is a huge plus. Neighbors sunfish intimidated her and she didn’t have the weight to un turtle it. Little Taz she can flip with ease.
  9. I am looking out for a Corsair F31 AC but as you can put them on trailers in the back yard I don’t think people will rush to sell them. On a different note Leopard sent a email recently saying they have 2020 Leopard 40 on deep discount in the low 400s are boat loan rates cheap right now??
  10. Yep I hear ya. Same thing with cars and motorcycles! I have a few boats and water toys so I am not hurting on the sailing part. I am lacking in the larger dinghy so I thought this would be fun. Maybe next winter, new sails are on the way for my F24, so Time to get her back in the water.
  11. Yeah a good handicap for me and ego boost for my daughter when she can out sail her dad. Right now I keep up with her on my. Paddle board (meaning as she tacks around I normally can get to where we are going faster). But I think that will change this year. The end of last season she started to figure out where she can and cannot point.
  12. No laser I want a more relaxing ride (don’t have the abs I used too). If I wanted fast I would go with the UFO. The weta sounds fun but more rigging and space I think, never seen one in person. I think it would be fun to build and on low wind days I row.
  13. Anyone have any experience with the Chesapeake Light Craft Jimmy Skiff 2? Both building and sailing? i have been looking at something for me to play with while my daughter sails her Topaz Taz. I was thinking an Areo but the Jimmy Skiff might be a fun project for the family. https://www.clcboats.com/shop/boats/wooden-sailboat-kits/sailing-dinghies/Jimmy-Skiff-II.html
  14. I bet that boat makes it to the Bahamas on pure dumb luck. For real though I think someone said they made it to Charleston.
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