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  1. Raising for people with fat fingers on a little phone
  2. Do I do this before easing the mast?
  3. I’ll search old windsurfers setup.
  4. Alright team new plan for now. We are going to add some sail tape, gel coat touch ups and a good wax. Then we are just going to send it for this season. Not sure if I like this rigging setup. Ok so on to the pics 1) I thinking I am missing something that connects the front of the boom to the mast. I have a old wind surfer and there is another plate thing that clamps it to the mast… any ideas? I need to find the box that has the windsurfing stuff to see if I can make something work. 2) said board with kiddos doing there best 90s impression 3) dagger i
  5. Yes yes, if the traffic wasn’t sole sucking and I got home before 630 everyday I would have time to do it during the week. I’ll try Saturday.
  6. What are your thoughts on finding a more modern sail setup form a different boat…. mast is 19ft and I have room for about 8 foot boom. So maybe a sail with a 16 luff and 7 foot?
  7. Yeah we’ll see if I really get time to sail again I am buying a newer Corsair 24. It’s so nice to walk out to an ama when you need to “hike out”. My knees/aren’t what they were 20 years ago. This will be just a toy to play with. Still need to find someone to send the sails to that I can trust won’t lose mine when making a template.
  8. How did that sail? I am curious about this boom setup. I am not a racer but I do like to play with sail trim and I am not sure how it will work with this. I do hope it’s quasi fast, coming from a Corsair F24 I do love speed!
  9. I’ll rig it this weekend to see what it looks like and to see if I can figure it out.
  10. Thanks! Yeah I want to figure out how this trap system works as it different than my old Hobie setup.
  11. Thanks I will try translation tools if not I might reach out for help. That will give me an excuse to learn something. I do have a question the name of the boat is “Heibine” does that mean anything?
  12. That’s what I am talking about! SA never fails! Thanks
  13. So upon further inspection it looks like I have all the important parts of the hardware. So now time to over analyze … enjoy … 1) Looks like the red/green wires are the shrouds. The mast only has 2 eyes I think one is for a down haul and one mid way up is for shrouds/jib. Question on a dinghy of this size (4.45m) do I put them all in one shackle? Any special type I should use? 2) looks like it has a trap setup. I have a harness somewhere from an old Hobie I thing but anyone know how that setup is supposed to work? 3) this is the jib tack with the fore
  14. Team! So I have been boatless for about 5 months (sold them all when I left VA for TX) and I just couldn’t take it any more! Picked up a cool little winter project that I am going to restore and bring back to all its dinghy glory! Problem is I can’t find anything on the nets about it. All I have to go on is it says Skeltic on the sail, Kelt on the transom and Keltic Marine on the bow. I assume it’s French but I could be wrong. I have a attached a pic of a rigged one. I will rig mine this weekend to see what I am missing. So far it looks like it’s mostly there bu
  15. 2 seasons on my F24mk1 and it is rock solid stable. Had it in rougher seas (1-2 meters rolling, bow jumping out of the water and slaming every few waves) and was in full control. But I am a family sailor and need to keep the family happy so often times we are more looking for ways to slow the boat down. Here we are in 15-20kts and I got the boat trimmed down to 5kts because the kids wanted to play on the nets. caveat, I don’t have performance sails and I am pretty sure my boat weighs a ton but I almost never reef and the few times I did burry a float the boat didn’t even flin
  16. Sweet! Now just need a few F31 AC owners to put theirs up for sale to get the new 880 so I can buy their F31!
  17. I bet that boat makes it to the Bahamas on pure dumb luck. For real though I think someone said they made it to Charleston.
  18. I got my insurance with just a Hull ID. Do you have to have insurance to register a boat? I don’t remember and my marina makes me anyways.
  19. What are the odds these folks try to take it to the Bahamas, they somehow make it and get stuck during Hurricane season, boat gets totaled and insurance pays out more than they bought it for..... I know a lot of assumptions but it could happen.
  20. I think they should get sponsored by these guys....
  21. Ok I want to root for them but that boat is a danger to other boats. No rudders and just that outboard for steering? When (not if) that motor hiccups or stalls and they can’t get it started they are going to hit something or someone....
  22. Just found this and looking at the videos these guys are just around the corner from me. Wonder if I should go take a peek.....
  23. Yeah, also has a big piece of foam sewn into the head of the sail. It is not the fastest dingy but wins in the “smiles per hour” hour category. And hearing your 8 year old asking her friend if she wants to sail on “my” boat is pretty awesome too.
  24. Yeah, I want the UFO but it doesn’t make sense. For us if we stay back in our little cove we get 5-10kts consistently with some gusts here and there. My favorite so far is watching my oldest get hit by a gust, sail goes into the water and she is hiking out, er standing vertical. She must of held it for like a minute before she let go of the sheets and fell backwards. I guess 50lbs it’s enough leverage. I’ll post some videos if my wife lets me get the Feva xl. I hope there are some at the boat show next weekend.
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