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  1. The foil section also appears to be much narrower making it less draggy, however generating less lift at higher angles of attack. Almost looks like the profile 63-009 compared to 65-021. ~1/3 reduction of drag based on the graph and not a large impact on lift until extreme AOA. it sounds like the post would have needed to be increased substantially even on the old shape, as they were under sized. the balance and placement of the post is also an interesting change to point out. As the aspect ratio of a foil increases, the distance from the leading edge to the venture
  2. First post yay! Here is my understanding of the rudder changes from talking briefly with someone close to the situation: 1: the rudder post and bearing were substantially under designed and break chronically across most j/111. J boats offers an upgraded bearing/post package that fits in the old profile increasing its diameter from ~80mm to ~82. The boat owner wants to potentially race off shore and wanted a much stronger setup. The new PB designed rudder is ~100mm. I have heard of similar poor quality in foil shape on j/boat keel fairing/alignment in other of their production b
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