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  1. here is the strut in all its gory
  2. different worlds, up on the mast his water evaporates and leaves the salt behind.
  3. Well, I screwed up and didn't take any photos. we built a stainless strut and with about an hour of scraping the bog on the tidal grid I got it lined up pretty well. I get a second shot when I get to haul out. My biggest worry it the brass sleeve on the cutless bearing against the stainless strut. Not sure how to deal with that. They make cutless bearings with fiber sleeves but not in my size.
  4. Wow, you're doing a great job. If I had gotten here earlier i would have encouraged you to try to find some Black locust for steam bending frames. In some of the old sixes there are some sharp bends like that and the black locust does quite well. I have sailed old sixes that were in way worse condition than that and I feel the floors hold the boat together down there. I owned a Kettenburg PC (number 65) that was thoroughly rotted at the frame heels and it never even leaked down there. only the dry topsides from sitting in the sun pumped water in while we were heeled over. sorta fun. The small
  5. I'm making one from SS 316. Just a couple hundred for the metal and a few hours grinding it out, Fabricator is welding it up.
  6. PT Foundry estimated $1100-1200 if they had a pattern close to start with, more if they had to make one off my strut.
  7. And! this boat has lifelines for the rehabing. You'll love it. Peterson 1/2 tonner. we went upwind averaging 5.5 last Thursday. wind was 25 gusts to 35. She had her ears about 8" unser water and still trucking. It's no 6mR but it is a Peterson! I'll never forget you actually running up the deck of Sockeye from stern to stem inside the genoa. you can trim main if you want to for a while. We won't tell the union.
  8. I haven't been here for a while. Hobot, I have another bow that needs you
  9. I have a broken prop strut on my Chaser 29. Where in heavens name does a guy find that part? It got welded once but it didn't last long.
  10. My name is Diego Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
  11. "Be vewwy vewwy qwiet. We'ew hunting wabbits.
  12. Easter Sunday Our club has an egg hunt and Pot Luck followed by a balloon chase on the water. There should be some good photos coming. We shanghaied four V-15s and put a bunch of kids on each one. The easter Bunny (Mrs. Sockeye) spewed balloons from the Committee boat while we hopper skippers tried to intercept as many pastel orbs as possible. My team won with forty balloons because we popped 'em to keep 'em in the boat. Next post should be really about the first of the keel boat series. in the six.
  13. The JDPMR is not a typical 6mR race. It is a point to point race run by the PMYC from Pt Monroe to eagle harbor red nun to the west point buoy to Jefferson Head and finish at Pt Monroe. It was fore cast for under 5 knots and rain the day before so i stoked up on beer, sammies and rum to keep us more happy. However, the day dawed sunny and blowing 10 knots by 9am. At the start line We had only five minutes to run the line, pick a start point and we were about 20 seconds late at that. We did have clear air and good speed. The only prob....we deciced we wanted the right side after just a bi
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