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  1. "Thank you for playing, please come again"
  2. Me too that fondant stuff sucks!! Erm, bad phrasing...
  3. What if everyone was tying monkey's fists on the end of the spool?
  4. Well quoted blast from the past .... era of Mosaic and Netscape! That was asked a bit ago, and never yet answered to my knowledge. That should tell you something. (part of the above might ought be purple, nah not any really)
  5. Boris may sound on the vids, ...relaxed...but I think he is balls out going for the finish. All of the guys are crazy sleep-deprived I suspect. Any chance to catch a few winks?
  6. Kewl!!! Is that from a special edition of the Cootie game? I want one.
  7. I don't know how everyone else's plumbing works, but the Fox clip seems the 4" waste line, not a spigot.
  8. Just open the unity spigot? Really? How long does that last, and is anyone up to it?
  9. seconded RE Isabelle I suspect something more than the ram failed, as fast as the backup locking dummy ram blew... (If I understand the back-up correctly) Can someone explain the backup she installed that later failed? Thanks...
  10. Don't forget here in PNW we've also a marine worm that resembles Cruz:


    People in the elevator shut door on her face when she tried to stuff herself in without a mask
  12. Wow...the photo in the Pip link shows a little critter compared to usual stated size. (3-12 in) Size-wise, looks like Velella or "by the wind sailor" (which can wash up on Pacific beaches in large numbers), but never heard of serious things from those... I guess they must start out small; but did she sail through a nursery or something?
  13. Beat me to it! Nearly all (or maybe all) of Louis' "flyers" seem to pay... Really most impressive. And Pip's vid makes me want to go do something, though I should have been asleep more than a while ago. Phenominal race and coverage.


    Hmmm... I thought I heard that they shut down MKUltra a while back...
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