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  1. "Could you please elaborate on what you think makes DF a better boat to be docked at a slip than an F/C and vice versa, why an F/C is appropriate for weekend dry sailing?" I can't comment on the Farrier as never sailed one, however, we love our DF28 for how simple it is to jump on board, untie, and have both amas out and locked by the time we're 200m downstream. She always stays in the water and we manage to get some good deals on berths by able to get into very shallow positions for when the dredging is lacking. In a normal slip you don't need to be fully folded which gives a bit more st
  2. It's a bit more than that, and I look at it a bit differently. Signal-K is not about adding data, it's about making the data that you already have useable. NMEA is a wonderful, compact and efficient, just an arcane mess to most mortals. Making that data a bit more readable/useable opens up some opportunities for using things that aren't 'Marine' and allows a bit of innovation to happen (innovation as in using things for other than their intended use). What I don't subscribe to is that just because you have data, it ends up in the 'Cloud' being mined for your information and sold to t
  3. It's always wallet drag causing the problem :-) Diesel isn't an option for me. I have a 10hp OB on the back that I try to keep out of the water as much as possible. It's only got a 6A alternator on it's not really an option if the battery gets low. Maybe I need to look again at the solar panel on the tramp again and see if I can come up with some interesting ways to mount it when underway.
  4. Ah yes, I read it again properly. I thought I had seen from some various youtube videos (there's a lesson right there!) that there was quite a bit of drag. I like the idea of something lightweight that can be slid down from the transom that can generate reasonable amounts of power (I'm not cruising, too old to fit the DF for too long) and can cope with the speeds involved. Ta for the clarification.
  5. Agreed, hence the handbrake comment (which is what we call the putting the OB down due to the massive effect on speed).
  6. I'm going through the same challenge on trying to find a way to get more solar on board without any major structural changes. The boat is a Dragonfly 28 tri which is a tad slim and doesn't have a lot of real estate to play with. I've got a 76W SunBeam Tough (https://www.sunbeamsystem.com/tough-series/) above the forecabin, which is pretty much the only space available (and where the factory puts them). That does for keeping the battery topped up between sails, but anything extended with autopilot on, grey sky and kids charging a load of devices (12v USB points around the boat) and I get
  7. Coming from a pond sailing where the lack of wind is quite common, being able to have the kids go out in something with a massive rig can be fun. This depends on having access to some boats that aren't just heavy lumps that won't go even if the wind is blowing. It's been quite funny to see kids who can barely keep a Cadet upright, flat hiked out of a Lark when the slightest puff comes through.
  8. I'm loving the idea. Does this version work in VR? It would be great to relax for a while without just looking at a window on a screen as I'm doing that for enough hours in the day as it is. Updated: Just got off my a**e and searched for myself and found your VR Regatta app in Steam :-) Looks like the sort of thing I could use to unwind so just bought it to give it a go. If you could just add support Dragonfly Trimarans in there, I might start missing my boat just a tiny bit less
  9. At any one point I generally have three android devices on board that all have the software loaded. My normal phone (generally next to me when sleeping) Backup chartplotter (Android Lenovo Tab 4, installed with SailGrib WR & AA). Backup phone (Just an old phone, no SIMM card installed so only updated with WiFi and using GPS only). The SailGrib license is per Google account so can be on any number of android devices (free AA version works well too). I also have the Raymarine system that does some sort of anchor watch but that is outside on my Dragonfly so pretty u
  10. I'm a huge fan of the Sailgrib apps. Sailgrib AA (App store link) is simple and has never let me down. It's only available on Android, but not a big cost to have a cheap tablet/phone around (especially if you also use SailGrib WR for routing/charting. Mike
  11. Unfortunately none of the many converters I've found work. Mainly because there is no standard tags in the gpx schema for the wind data so it comes in as comments or yd:awa type tags that do not match properly. If anyone has a sample Garmin fit file with wind data I could probably write something to handle it.
  12. Reposted to this thread as it's more relevant... I've been looking at how to get this working without the Garmin chartplotter and wondered if anyone has done the same. I've got a Raymarine setup with a Yacht Devices Voyage Recorder connected to the SeaTalk network. This does a great job of grabbing all of the NMEA data and writing it to an SD Micro SD card. They provide a small piece of software that can write this to CSV and GPX 1.1 amongst others, just not the FIT format. If I export as GPX I get the base GPS data along with any additional info that was on the network. Below is an
  13. Not that much boat in the picture, but I liked it.
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