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  1. We got rid of the boompack when we started racing offshore for 3 main reasons 1) battens gets stuck in the lazy jacks setting the main 2) no possibiltiy for letterbox spi takedown 3) the larger roach did not fit If I had to go back to it however and live with these issues, I would definitely opt for a lazy bag rather than just lazy jacks. Our Elvström boompack was quite snug
  2. We used to reef very early (at around 16kn). With a lot of work on trim and especially helming in gusts we can now reef at 24kn and sail effectively with the boat on its feet. My SF32i should be sailed between 15 and 20 degrees. If not well trimmed it heels to 30deg very easily, in spite of its large beam. Then it stops.
  3. Cool to see a SF330 with symmetric. I read somewhere that the J/99 would be available with a symmetric. Is that right?
  4. My Sun Fast 32i had 186cm headroom. Fast is relative
  5. Thats right. In fact I am considering starting with the standard one and possibly keep it for redundancy next season in case it will not suffice. The same brain support below deck solutions as well.
  6. My current AP system is a Raymarine ST4000+. It consists of a controller + a fluxgate + an actuator. The vintage version, with no gyro rate at all. Raymarine has not updated its tiller actuator in the later versions (spx5 and EV100). This means that my current actuator is the same that used to come with the SPX5 and EV100, the same thrust and hardover-time. The controller is not very "smart" though has a fluxgate compass but no other sensor at all. Pelagic solution includes a far smarter controller and sensors on 9 axis. I expect a huge jump in performance. My question i
  7. You are right. What I meant is that the fluxgate is not enough as it does not keep into account heel, pitch and yaw.
  8. Time to replace my old Raymarine ST4000+. Considering price/ruggedness/reviews I decided to settle for a Pelagic tiller. My boat displaces about 4400kg with a LOA at 32ft. The ST4000+ is the SPX5 and EV100 predecessor, in fact the drive unit is exactly the same. The old fluxgate compass struggles to steer upwind in a chop and quartering seas are a real problem. Playing around with gain and response helps, but heading oscillates up to 40 deg... if I don't round up. I don't feel there is any problem with the thrust of the drive unit though (thrust is not expressed on the document
  9. I want it! I wonder how the last 10 seconds count down sound... I race on several boats, only one of which is mine, and like the portability of a watch. Using ProStart as a hand held can of course be a solution
  10. I love my Optimum Time sailing watch with its countdown numbers, ease to use and toughness. I also like Pro-start simple, effective and precise distance to line features. Is there any product on the market merging these functionalities? In practice a watch with pro-start functionalities such as countdown/distance to start and so on. Some smart watches can run apps doing the same, but I wonder if there are any specific watches, doing only this. Thanks!
  11. That's perfect! Thanks a lot. Exactly what I was looking for!
  12. A as far as I know the 34.7 comes with barbers for both genoa and jib. I'd like to see the set up and emulate it on my boat
  13. I am looking for the Beneteau First 34.7 deck layout. In particular her inhauler systems for both genoa and jib. Anyone who can help?
  14. Thanks! If I take the largest genoa on my 32 footer displacing over 4.2 tons, the area is about 29 square meters. The lightest Aramid Sport, called AS06 weighs 5.9 sm-oz, which is about 253,7 gr/sqm > about 7.34 kg A suitable GPL GraphX for that area and deplacement is the GPL05 at about 4,4 sm-oz, or 75% of AS06, for a total sailcloth of 5.06 kg The appropriate Carbon Sport cloth is CS10 at 5.3 sm-oz means sailcloth for 6.59 kg. The latter was really discourage, it is only marginally lighter and slightly more expensive than Aramid Sport, so that is ex
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