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  1. I want aware of the John Mast version. Only ever heard and seen Sparcraft on J/80. It might have to do with the fact that I'm on that side of the pond
  2. After some searching on the forum I found a few who sail their J80 with a code. Have anyone installed separate halyards or code and gennaker use the same halyard?
  3. Most PHRF sails kits for J/80 include a genoa and jib top. The reason is that they don't need hardware changes violating the OD rule. I wonder however of there is anybody out there ignoring the rule and hoisting a flying jib or possibly a code on a J/80. And of so, how does the set up look like?
  4. Last year, we tried a sleep pattern 1h on 1h off over a 60hours passage, which, because of conditions turned out to be a total of 4h sleep each. Disastrous. Every wake-up was a nightmare and we were zombies in the end. Currently preparing for a doublehanded race around 500 miles in mixed inshore/offshore. We are considering a 2.5on/2.5off schedule with 2 hours sleep + 30min brief, chillout/coffee/tea
  5. Actually I wrote that article published in the doublehanded section by UK Sails. It is about the rationale for abandoning furler and foil and going back to hanks. After half a season with pistol hanks I believe it was the right choice. Can't say that I manage a headsail change solo as fast as I wish, but under 10 mins from decision to clear deck. At the moment, the most time consuming part is being able to pack away the old sail so that I can change back. Also, blowing the halyard is not enough as I need to pull down the sail hand over hand
  6. Dropping and then hanking on the new sail when changing down and vice versa when changing down (or as Snowden says, hank on the larger sail first) sounds a sensible approach to minimize risk. I can see that some of you change sheets (and let the old ones on the old sail), some use changing sheets, and some shift the same sheets from a sail to the other. I usually use the same sheets if alone or a new set of sheets doublehanded. My reason for not using one changing sheet is that I often race inshore and I may need to tack immediately after the new sail is up.
  7. Great tips guys. Thanks. Foolish, yes you assumed correctly I was talking about the shorthanded procedure. Alone however..needs some practice. The biggest problem solo is cleaning up if I change from a genua to a jib as the jib, with battens is difficult to handle alone and does not go through the foredeck hatch. A few difficulties I encounter with similar procedures: - even if I release the lowest hank, with the tensioned luff, it is very difficult to hank on the new sail which is stiff (not dacron). Perhaps it should be flaked with all the folds on the same side, but that mean
  8. I guess that the tack of the old sail stay attached until the sail is down, right?
  9. You are right. Perhaps I was not very clear At the time I sailed with furler and double track foil and my question was more related to how to set up foredeck and prefeeder. Now, with hanks, I wonder how the actual swap is executed by you guys, to sail bare headed as briefly as possible.
  10. I guess that the old sail's Tack remains hooked while the bottom hanks are released?
  11. I am trying to figure out the best sequence to change headsails with hanks. Currently we are 1 preparing 2 dropping the old sail and tying it down 3 unclipping it 4 clipping the new sail on a new tack 5 tacking 6 hoisting 7 clearing the old sail It requires about 4 minutes bare headed ... way too long
  12. We got rid of the boompack when we started racing offshore for 3 main reasons 1) battens gets stuck in the lazy jacks setting the main 2) no possibiltiy for letterbox spi takedown 3) the larger roach did not fit If I had to go back to it however and live with these issues, I would definitely opt for a lazy bag rather than just lazy jacks. Our Elvström boompack was quite snug
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