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  1. Because of covid the race will go south along the coast & return. Tracker ; https://yb.tl/minifastnet2021 There is a prologue race on saturday, but I don't know if it will be tracked or covered ? If someone knows, please inform. thanks
  2. Monsieur Hump101 Is there some sort of formula that dictates a minimal rocker per length ? Or in this case ; how much for a 60'er ? Thanks.
  3. Thanks Triple Jim. Yes it is the multi 50 renamed. As far as I know,..... there will be a tracker
  4. https://yb.tl/ps650_2021 Started may 1. @ 1300 hr . 4 race series Hugo Picard after the start was 36, he is now 15
  5. A while ago the front page of SA had a report of an ocean 50 racing series that was about to start. Maybe it has been postponed because of covid ? Do any of our french viewers know anything about it ? Merci
  6. All@sea, could you please be a little bit more definitive ? There are a few different types of proa - which one are you talking about ? eg.; the gorgeous one that I posted above ?
  7. Ryan posted above about the gorgeous little brother. Here is the absolutely gorgeous BIG brother ; https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/multihull-structure-thoughts.62361/page-107 About halfway down the page. This NG design has a good eye.
  8. Sidecar, sorry to hear that you had to rebuild your rudders. That sort of thing (research & development) is very annoying, cause you have already spent a bunch of time & effort to make it work, & now you have to do it all again..... However when it is all sorted there will be a VERY big satisfaction moment. M/Thom, on your 5 mile commute - you could just tack.... (as in the ninja at the start of this thread) so the boat does a windward/leeward thing. You and/or the boat will not die. you may even get "pleasure"
  9. Found the Harryproa that was out sparring with the AC boats.
  10. All I could find is a link to buy the dvd.; http://newfilmco.com/acpage.htm But while looking I found this ;;
  11. There was an early nineties one for $450,000 euro - 1/2 pages back. You might do it for 1 mil ???
  12. +1 on that the word "amazing" is often misused these days ; but in his case, it is the accurate word.
  13. Sailplane, do you mean because it will bring on the trolls yelling & a'screaming ? I agree, you are probably right unfortunatly...... If only the trolls could learn to act like adults, instead of children. They are ruining a lot of threads.
  14. Dragontri, are you aware of these ? http://harryproa.com/?p=3187
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