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  1. Yes thats the one I was thinking of, https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/multihull-structure-thoughts.62361/page-9
  2. Your not thinking of Shotover (I think that was the name ?) a fortyish' cat by Loch with 2 masts on the centre line. It was around at the time afaik, but whether it was entered....? Old Multi did a piece on it in his multi structures thread.
  3. It's a very diplomatic & adult response. Good call.
  4. The above issue is a learning moment that won't happen again. The main thing is....... "when do they start the second leg ?"
  5. Hehehe...... Ah Pil, I do like some humor in the morning with my coffee. On a serious note - you must be getting pretty close to buying that Orma 60 ? You know it is an absolute bargain, that you just can't pass up. Think of all the races you could win..... And your feeble excuses about nowhere to put it ? Easy - on XL42's mooring. Hellbent ; Well done, I hope it works out for you.
  6. Where's Pil ? You can't turn this one down ?
  7. Found the answer myself with a little help from google. It is a drone for oceanic studies. https://www.monacoexplorations.org/en/missions/sphyrna-odyssey-2019-mediterranean-mission/
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIhgfNWMhUg At 2'20'' is a powered proa. Can one of our french brothers tell us anything about it ?
  9. Jo R, if its not a rude question - why have you sold big red ?
  10. Thanks to all who answered here (especially the pro's) I (and maybe a few others) have learned something here. Now as a final, what are your thoughts on the carbon/kevlar weave ?
  11. Wouldn't it be cruel luck, that after headwinds & light conditions pretty much all of the way to Horta - that after rounding Horta; the conditions change so as they have headwinds all the way back ? They deserve a break - so I hope it remains from the west
  12. Kevlar is an interesting product. Can people tell us about their previous experiences/knowledge ? Also thoughts about going forward as a multihull building material ?
  13. This talk of kevlar deserves its own thread.
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