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  1. I have owned a Baba 30 for only my third season. I usually apply ample throttle to get some way on, and then coast in neutral. I can usually get That's pretty much what I do in my Baba 30. I usually back out under power, but with feet on the dock to keep the bow from falling off with the wind. About halfway out, I hedge my bets and start the rotation in the right direction if I can manage it. If the boat starts spinning the wrong way, I spin around with a "bootlegger maneuver": It's quite easy in benign conditions.
  2. The pictured sailboat rig has what I understand to be spreader lifts, the wires going to the spreaders up to the mast somewhat above. Why don't more rigs have spreader lifts? Ive heard droopy spreaders are a common path to rig failures, and see many single spreader rigs whose spreaders do not bisect the shroud angle.
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