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  1. The design IP (of a hull etc) has nothing to do with the IP of the Rule (if it exists ~ I’m sure lawyers could breath any possible life into same :-) One could draw a comparison to to the IP in the Manual (specification) of the Laser (ILCA).
  2. You may be accurate ~ the IP card may work to the positive for LR on how the class is controlled in the future.
  3. There is no complete (as required by an architect / engineer) specification on mast and cant arms.
  4. Design Race : The Rule should be placed in Public Domain in it’s entirety, currently you have to be bonafide ($ paid up) Challenger ~ why keep Part of the measurement rules away from the eyes of potential (designers) interested parties.
  5. With the likelihood of a “One Boat Build” (for next Cup) as a way of reducing costs how does any sane person come up with the scenario a new team has a “hope in hell chance” against the established teams ? Team NZ may consider placing all their design / engineering (inclusive) specifications in the public domain to attract future teams as Challengers.
  6. For INEOS not to have a set of foils similar to NZ is forecast to the Future ....
  7. There is no laminar flow unless the water is as calm as a towing tank.
  8. I think the blister geometry (amidships) and flat bottomed skeg is gluing the hull to the interface at critical speeds and (at times) manoeuvre operation.
  9. After watching videos of Ineos I think their problem is more than appendages, more likely to be hull / skeg interaction with interface.
  10. What if the primary issue to address is the hull / skeg (bustle) geometry ? and nothing to do with appendage configuration. The “low” longitudinal prismatic hull form due to the volume distribution may be what is the problem. The hull volume distribution (below waterplane) on Ineos is notably different to the other 3 designs ~ this may affect take off criteria
  11. Has Ineos used up all canting appendage configurations as per measurement Rules ?
  12. I can see one very expensive yacht .....
  13. Tried that ~ Stars and Stripes vs KZ 1
  14. Foiling is here to stay for the foreseeable future, it is obviously ~ conclusive ? the 2020 hull / fuselage forms (geometry) are from a left over dinosaur era ~ what are future design/engineered structures likely to be ?
  15. Design / engineering (hull / fuselage) ~ I think she is the best aero geometry / volume distribution ~ all “lines” are fluid unlike Ineos and NZ2.
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