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  1. Bump from page 4! Racing! Fixed Marks! Something vaguely normal again!
  2. Was it a matter of poor build quality, or the fact that the things were so d@mn light? I remember the first time I stepped onboard--the boat heeled over noticeably and stayed there. And this was 50lbs ago. I step on the J/35, it heels a slight bit and then rebounds.
  3. Ah, hell. I never got to sail with him but always enjoyed his company. Fair winds.
  4. https://www.woodtv.com/news/ottawa-county/grand-haven-coast-guard-festival-cancelled-due-to-covid-19/
  5. ...another bump from page three. Is anyone actually in yet, or planning to go in soon? I believe there's a new Tri on Muskegon lake and it was already out last weekend...
  6. Bump from page _3_ The Dragonforce 65s are back in stock. Am ordering one for the 10 y.o. and one for me. We should start calling it The Last Affordable Fleet. https://radiosailing.net/products/dragonforce-65-2017-version-6-650mm-df65-class-rc-sailboat?fbclid=IwAR0C0wXkBIPwMKRdOM9yzv7F88pcAq3dJ_-vTdkxzKXOXqyQ867W6G0_k1U
  7. Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song about this.
  8. Bump. July 2013 and July 2019 at MYC.
  9. Many thanks to the 30+ MYC members who put this temporary fix together on Friday! I hope it's enough to get us through the summer...
  10. Bump. Work bee Friday 10am MYC to build sections to stack atop existing fixed dock to get feets out of the water. Check your emails for more details.
  11. Anyone else attending Saturday's race management seminar at MYC?
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