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  1. Hello everyone, thank you to the many sailors who have signed up for Muskegon YC's Safety at Sea Seminar on May 21 and 22. We still have spots open for the classroom-only Day One, which will take place at Muskegon Country Club. Our hands-on Day Two at MYC has a very short wait list. Seminar registration closes 5:00pm Friday May 6. Hope you can make it! Brad
  2. Good morning everyone-- Muskegon Yacht Club's Safety at Sea online registration is live! Sign up here for the May 21 and 22, 2022 event: http://www.muskegonyachtclub.org/sas/ Venue for day one is the Muskegon Country Club. Day two will be at MYC. Hope you can join us!
  3. Hello everyone, we've settled on May 21 and 22 (Sat/Sun) for the two-day Safety at Sea with hands on training at MYC. This gets us out of the Mothers' Day conflict and hopefully gets us better weather for the pool time. Bruce Brown will be moderator. Day one will tentatively be held at Muskegon Community College again. Day two at MYC. We plan to have online registration on the MYC website by 12/1. US Sailing will put their link up as soon as MYC registration is live. If you attended our 2017 event and your email hasn't changed, you will receive an email link to registrati
  4. Safety At Sea at Muskegon Yacht Club, May 7-8, 2022 Hello everyone, we've tentatively scheduled a two-day Safety at Sea seminar at Muskegon Yacht Club the first weekend in May 2022. US Sailing tells me that in-person Day 1 attendance is generally waning due to the availability of online courses, but we're going to at least start with the idea that we'll be doing day one in person. We will probably be at Muskegon Community College as we were in 2017. The hands-on Day 2 programming is still in demand. That will definitely be at MYC. Save the date!
  5. I'm flying out of Muskegon today around 4:45pm in a Cessna Cardinal if anyone needs a one-way trip to the Island. Going to pick up a couple people from Bad Dog. PM me if you're interested.
  6. A lot of people volunteering their time at MYC/Bluffton today to keep everything safe.
  7. Bump from page 4! Racing! Fixed Marks! Something vaguely normal again!
  8. Was it a matter of poor build quality, or the fact that the things were so [email protected] light? I remember the first time I stepped onboard--the boat heeled over noticeably and stayed there. And this was 50lbs ago. I step on the J/35, it heels a slight bit and then rebounds.
  9. Ah, hell. I never got to sail with him but always enjoyed his company. Fair winds.
  10. https://www.woodtv.com/news/ottawa-county/grand-haven-coast-guard-festival-cancelled-due-to-covid-19/
  11. ...another bump from page three. Is anyone actually in yet, or planning to go in soon? I believe there's a new Tri on Muskegon lake and it was already out last weekend...
  12. Bump from page _3_ The Dragonforce 65s are back in stock. Am ordering one for the 10 y.o. and one for me. We should start calling it The Last Affordable Fleet. https://radiosailing.net/products/dragonforce-65-2017-version-6-650mm-df65-class-rc-sailboat?fbclid=IwAR0C0wXkBIPwMKRdOM9yzv7F88pcAq3dJ_-vTdkxzKXOXqyQ867W6G0_k1U
  13. Bump. July 2013 and July 2019 at MYC.
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