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  1. Having taken advice from North, Jboats and local Santa Barbara sources, decided on the following setup with typical local conditions in mind:- 155% jib Selden 3 meter deck mounted bowsprit 1194sqft asymmetric kite Don’t yet know what the final PHRF numbers will be. Morhan Crowe
  2. Powder coated Selden sprit giving 42 inches extension beyond standard bow fitting. To stay close to center line and avoid Hoyt boom pedestal, it was necessary to go through starboard leg of bow pulpit.
  3. Thank you all for your advice and comments from your experience. I have been sailing the boat with an asymmetrical kite from a deck mounted sprit and a 140% Jib. I have got some inputs, including from North, to the effect that, in our Santa Barbara conditions, the boat would perform best to handicap with a symmetrical kite and (up to) a 155% jib. I will tease this out a little further. Further comments would be much appreciated including inputs on pole length. M.
  4. I sail a J100 in Santa Barbara - usually light air. I would like advice on the best sail combination for sailing to PHRF handicap. Asymmetrical or Symmetrical kite, what size jib? Any input would be much appreciated. Morgan C.
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