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  1. Thanks for the update! Did you mean to say you moved your mast "forward" to get rake? Any data on shroud tension for different wind speeds?
  2. Ah, that makes what we were seeing at WATH a little more clear.
  3. The rig tuning worked well last night. We're not 100% there yet as the mast is off center at the deck level, but from the deck up the rig is now straight. We were able to point much better on starboard than we had been and nothing chnaged for our good pointing on port. We still need some sail work to be able to sheet the jibs in as far as we need them. Results aren't posted yet for the race (hazard of all skippers self-reporting their times), but we finished ahead of all the 105s in our class for the first time (uncorrected). To answer two other questions: Yes, moving the mast forwar
  4. That's my understanding. Will see this afternoon if that's how it actually works!
  5. Thank you. The one thing we have heard is she sails best with the mast stepped all the way forward. The rest of the metrics are "developing". COVID-19 has delayed everyone's dialing in and interrupted much of the back-and-forth that normally happens among the owners. J/99 owners who are interested in sharing data can feel free to email me at contact@onelife99.com and I can coordinate information amongst everyone -- at least until J/Boats starts up the communication list they are talking about.
  6. Do you, or anyone else here who happens to be a J/99 owner, have rig setup or rig tuning data you'd be willing to share? Yes, I know it is supposed to be sailmaker specific. Any data would be helpful. If you don't want to share here, email me at contact@onelife99.com
  7. J/Boats just splashed hull #50, a rather remarkable given boat ordering stopped due to the pandemic's economic impacts. Results? From what races? Most of the NA boats were in the northern midwest and the NE, arriving just in time for the season to be shut down for winter. The EU fleet had a bit more time before things got shut down, I suppose, but you cannot really judge results yet in EU either. We got ONE race in here in the PNW with my boat before the pandemic shut us down, and most sanctioned racing won't restart for weeks. What racing there is tends to be informal household-only race
  8. Excellent! I PM'd you via SA with my email address so I can collect more information for the spreadsheet I'm putting together!
  9. I own hull #26 based in Seattle and am trying to find other J/99 owners. If you are, or are in contact with, folks who own J/99s I'd appreciate it if you could send them my way. I'm hoping to set up a class group so we can share information to make our boats faster. I can be contacted through here or on FB via https://www.facebook.com/onelifej99/
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