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  1. Does anyone know how to download the Rimas string so I can make the book and include my photos and also do a video log. Contact me here. Thanks. Jean
  2. Holy crap, thanks. Well I’ll start that book. That’s a lot of pages. It’s gonna take some time.
  3. We talking Rimas here. Neither was a San Juan 24 I’ll prepared supposed to make it across the pacific.
  4. On the contrary. It’s designed so that if you get over your head it works. I guess he never got in over his head.
  5. On the contrary, it’s designed to work when you’re in over your head. I guess Rimas never got in over his head.
  6. Yes me and a buddy who financed all of Rimas’s adventures wanted to write a comedy and use all of the absolutely hilarious comments from sailing anarchy and other blogs along with photos and stuff but we don’t know how to retrieve all those old strings of armchair sailors from years ago. It was pretty funny.
  7. That would have been a perfect boat for him.
  8. Shannon did a lot to get Rimas health back on track.
  9. Those Idaho buttery potatoes are good. Rimas is doing fine on his land life. Although he never really became a sailor because he just sails downwind and maybe broad reach, his tenacity and the sea currents were what got him around. He never ever made any landfalls. He was towed into every place he ever went. Mostly where he drifted to. He would start in a general direction thousands of miles away and adjust accordingly and take what fate would deliver him. He was a great source of entertainment, particularly because of the internet banter that criticized him so brutally that was soo funny
  10. If anyone is wondering what ever happened to Rimas, he’s living in Hawaii and is boatless. I (Jean, the Enabler) have retired from giving boats away. I gave away about 8 total. To correct some of the inaccuracies on this site my last boat was a Cal 2-27. My current boat a Freya 39 and my micro cruiser a Aquarius 21. I’m currently cruising Mexico and have a YouTube page under my name Jean Mondeau. That’s all for now.
  11. Yes I am here. And I am bringing Rimas back from Vietnam and putting him in another boat. No crazy adventurer like him should perish in a homeless shelter in Vietnam. That's a beautiful country and they have been very generous with rimas but it's time for him to come home.
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