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  1. Given the choice what would you go for and why. Both are available at a similar price and both have a lot of similarities. I think the Sunfast needs a bit more breeze to get going. Any ideas which points better, Or is purely right boat for the right price. Any thoughts thanks
  2. We used a section of old sail that had delaminated. Sewed a cord down the middle with a rod at either end. if we think it’s going to be a struggle we get it from below thread it down the slot in the top of the boom tie on the lazy lines to the d rings and drop the main into it. Most of the time we can get the sail down and flaked without having to set it up but when the wind is up around 15 knots you have to motor so hard to windward to stop the bow getting blown off with the auto helm on that it’s easier to just dump it and deal with it on the mooring. If it’s still really blowing we hav
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