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  1. Great! I'll arrange the sign writer to put a big 7 logo on the sides and I'll register it at cyca. May have half a chance
  2. Seriously I have been in sailing for a long time, but when are we going to come up with new boats and designs in Australia to race. The S-H race is full of boats that are at least 3 years old in design and much more. All the maxi's are at least 5 years old. Bring over the vendee boats to make it interesting.
  3. The Great Wall of? Keeps the rabids out, son!
  4. Would you expect less from our dicktator! apparently only relaxed his harder stance of "shot on sight at the borders" on CHO Brett's recommendation as it is Christmas?
  5. Hey mon, what did u expect for a fifty percent special for this quote only if u sign yesterday? thats what u got isn't it?
  6. speaking of Sydney / Hobart icons, "Willo" of Bacardi fame passed away during the week. Condolences to the family.
  7. Dark Knight - "and your point of difference from normal being???"
  8. Owner to bowman - "No, when you overheard me saying - "she likes a big strap on up front, I wasn't talking about the boat..."
  9. Ok, ok so when I sold it to you I may have said it was like a TP 52, not 51 and a bit. But look, I've fixed it - now it is! (treated pine 52)
  10. "Yeah it's pine, it won't hurt as much as hardwood when it splinters and the straps fail under load at 20 knots boatspeed"
  11. When I paint it white, the lot of you wouldn't even notice it!
  12. "Hey skip, the starboard ballast tank is full now! We can take now if you want!"
  13. Rumour is Wharro has put a down payment on scallywag purchase which is subject to Jim C acceptance of Sun Hung Kai offer for Comanche! Wharro back in the big boats, his mate Witty gets a new toy, and leaves Jim some coin to play with!
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