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  1. 16 hours ago, Delta Dog said:

    If elected, I commit within the first 100 days by executive order to ban the use words like "logic" or "asset" or "rational" in any discussion of boat buying or boat ownership.  Further, I will ask congress to pass legislation making it a crime to discourage boat ownership and ban other hateful languages like "was it worth it",  "you paid what?" and "those old sails are fine, why do you need new ones?"

                  - my candidate from President. 





  2. Seriously I have been in sailing for a long time, but when are we going to come up with new boats and designs in Australia to race. The S-H race is full of boats that are at least 3 years old in design and much more. All the maxi's are at least 5 years old.

    Bring over the vendee boats to make it interesting.

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  3. 30 minutes ago, jack_sparrow said:

    Time he started wacking some around the head with it then.

    Like this one who has just introduced a 28 day user pays quarantine especially for Victorians.

    Andrews just announced closing the border to visitors from Sydney and given Victorian residents until 11.59pm tomorrow to get home OR face two weeks of hotel quarantine at their expense.

    Melbourne International closed since July up until recently, so Victorians returning from overseas landed in and quarantined in Sydney or elsewhere in Australia for 2 weeks. Long term bookings so more Victorians arrive daily to quarantine outside Victoria.

    Now for those VICTORIANS allowed out of quarantine FROM tomorrow, but CAN'T get into Victoria by 11.59pm tomorrow, Andrews is insisting they quarantine AGAIN for 2 weeks and AGAIN at their expense.

    Yeah state by state control just works dandy.

    Would you expect less from our dicktator!

    apparently only relaxed his harder stance of "shot on sight at the borders" on CHO Brett's recommendation as it is Christmas?

  4. On 10/8/2020 at 3:54 PM, Editor said:


    Okay, this time we are giving the top three responses to this caption contest a limited edition Sailing Anarchy belt. Like, I got a box of 'em sitting in the corner of my office.

    Whaddaya got?

    Ok, ok so when I sold it to you I may have said it was like a TP 52, not 51 and a bit.

    But look, I've fixed it - now it is! (treated pine 52)

  5. 21 hours ago, Couta said:

    Yeah...nah! Sorry to bust that myth but I was onboard when the rig went for a swim at Clipper Cup...slo-mo over the side.. in the invitation race(?)...but there is truth in the fact that Sir Alf Untidy rarely left his throne at the nav station....and there is truth to the fact that she got a little squirrely on a square run....as a young Chris Dickson found out mid Molokai channel...middle of the night....he (and I ) were recently out of 470's and he seriously asked if we should get on the keel to bring her back up! Sequesta was buried to the safety lines and backed out of the wave before laying on her side for a few minutes...but that rig stayed in!!!

    I had the pleasure of sailing her back to Oz that year...the beginning of my delivery career! Good Times!


    so you must be responsible for the graffiti in the engine box! - " bleed, bleed, f$@ken bleed!"

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  6. On 12/3/2018 at 11:04 PM, Occsail said:

    Whole tribe of IOR boats at RPAYC back in the day . Middle Harbour Express  ( Original Gold Coast Express with centre board - Davidson ) Hot August Night - Lexen ?  Anduril, Granny Knot,  Dubois 36 sister ships,  few Farr 40's.  Leroy Brown - Davidson 34, Kings Cross - Davidson 36, Ex Tension - Davidson 36

    Seaquesta was a Dubois.  Alloy hull, real truck.


    Few half tonners - Beach Inspector, Public Nuisance - Dubois

    Sequesta was originally designed as a 2 tonner, but during the design and build phase the Farr 40's 1 tonners came out and started whipping in IOR

    she was altered during the build to try to counter but it never really worked.

    she was shortened to 41.5 feet from 44 and dropped to about 1 and 3/4 ton.

    Nicely built boat but hard to sail with a tiller downwind in a breeze. (I actually preferred to steer her with the windward rail dipped to windward a fair bit - much to the fear of the crew!) (gave you a bit more time as the stern loaded up from the following waves to stop her broaching!)

    Historic rumour is that Alf Neates (owner that had her built) was sitting at the Nav station watching the live news cross on a portable tv during the clipper cup in Hawaii when she lost her rig and saw it on tv as it happened. stuck his head out of the hatch and told the crew why it had happened!

    She lived at Sandy for a couple of years late 90's early 2000's then went to Hobart I think. Be interested to see her now?

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