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  1. Here is my 760, big fat amas and all, doing 5kts in 3 kts of wind: So much for poor light air performance. Absolutely flat lake helps.
  2. Racing every other Saturday in Colorado. A C28 and a C760 on Lake Granby. The full start is around 20 boats.
  3. Just like to sail the lake but occasionally get down to the sea of cortez out of san carlos. Have made the trip in my 242 and the 760. The 242 crossed over to the Baja, 76 nm, in 7 hours. The boat averaged 11-12 kts. Last fall, in similar conditions, I crossed to Baja, 95 km in 8 hrs steady 13-14 kts hit 17 a few times. The telling difference for me was I had to hand steer most of the first trip as the lee ama on the old 242 digs horribly in the puffs and you have to anticipate and adjust for the puff or the boat speed gets dragged way down. In the 760, the auto pilot did just fine even und
  4. I sail a 760, it performs across a spectrum of conditions. Last week I had a friend with no sailing experience on the tiller in 12-14kts of wind and we hit 16.5kts consistently. She had no idea what a bid deal that is, just said it "steers so easy". In a breath of wind it will get going at least wind speed if not a little more - only problem is you can only go across the wind. I've owned a few corsairs and I will never go back to a high rocker float - just look old fashioned and don't perform. It's crap that that the rocker makes them any safer in a seaway. Oh yeah - I outsail an F31 and an F
  5. When you get a chance sail one, take it. It's a totally different boat with the way the new floats work with the old hull. I've owned and sailed three other farrier/corsair trimarans. The 760 sails like none of the others. Faster across the whole range of wind speed, more predictable in the gusts not to mention countless small refinements in the rigging, fit and finish. Don't want to highjack Rimas' thread so back to regular programming.
  6. I wouldn't call it a Dash Mk III. I own one and owned a C242. Its a new boat. Sails way better and faster than the 242 with no drama.
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