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  1. This was the first kite hoist of the Regatta. Crew who had never sailed together. Most who hadn't even sailed in the positions they had. However, we were all there to participate in a sport we love, and to learn. From memory: Halyard got 'kinked' at the base of the mast, so didn't get taken up by the Pit. Both Mast and Pit learned to keep an eye out after that, and work in unison. Downhaul didn't get pulled on, and brace didn't get taken up. I'd make the point that if women had the opportunity to fill the many different roles available on a boat, I'm sure most would ava
  2. ...aaaand there you all go. Cheers!!
  3. Ca Bouge! I had a catch ride doing bow on that a year ago. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my query about end-for-end gybing. :-)
  4. I'd just like to point out that it also says women's sailing. So basically, everything other than just blokes.
  5. Rhyming slang..."septic tank" = yank. But we Strayans shorten everything, and add an 'o' (or an 'a') to the end. Hence, "Seppo". "Septic" is the more formal version.
  6. Do the newer ones do this with the main? After races at a local regatta in February, I saw blokes up the mast of the TP52s after races (they seem to be flavour of the month here), and got told they have a halyard lock...meant to be able to trip it from deck level, but doesn't always work?? I've never noticed this before. But it's probably just that in normal races, they finish too far in front... Do they need to go aloft for the hoist? Or does it lock somehow without a body up there?
  7. I met Brian McDermott a couple of years ago. Lovely guy. I still can't believe he ever got back on a boat. But then, I think that about my mates from the '98 S2H, too!!
  8. I'm glutton intolerant. And jeez...don't I get some filthy looks when we're all in the queue at the post-race 'serve yourself' BBQ, and I ask if they plan on leaving any of those prawns for the next person.
  9. Has anyone tried the Mustang Survival wear? It'd be difficult to get here in Oz, I imagine, so one would want to be pretty committed before doing so...
  10. + Equestrian sports. A horsey friend of mine came sailing and was very surprised to see me wearing a jacket with 'Musto' on it...they try to sell to the equestrian mob but the gear's considered pricey even by their standards. I get best value out of wearing my jacket skiing (when it isn't raining)...also provides a great conversation starter with other yachties when riding the lifts.
  11. And being a member of one doesn't get you out of having to pay if you want to race at another one. Not even reduced rates to acknowledge we'd already have insurance (which would be a component?). Not here in South Oz, anyway.
  12. Well done, Clockwork! Safe trip home.
  13. It's been parked at CYCSA since Lincoln Week. It will still there last Wednesday, anyway...
  14. Lincoln (aka 'The centre of the Universe'!) offers it for the race and the Regatta. Our Club in Adelaide has very few IRC entrants. I confess my ignorance, but the main grumble seems to be cost(?). So the Club introduced a half-arsed priced 'local' version that doesn't count anywhere else. The cynics say it was supposed to entice other entrants so that a big boat owner here could genuinely say he raced against other boats in order to win the IRC bling. Nobody much seems to have taken up the generous offer.
  15. Regatta racing, southern hemisphere this year. Not just for the photo but as a reminder of what great fun it is, on and off the water. A fabulous week of racing, partying and laughs with a houseful of great people. And I love that, by the end of the week, we're actually getting our shit together. :-) Roll on, February 2019! (Photo by Take 2 Photography who do a great job, and probably need more tightarse yachties to actually buy their photos).
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