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  1. Looking for opinions... what have folks used and liked for accurate depth and speed indication on smaller keel boats (think J22)? I'm considering adding something "installed" before putting her in the water.
  2. I love this, well done! Thanks for including the progression.
  3. Hi there Bull. As you know, I have been using the Honda 2.3 hp also. Very manageable in that it's relatively light. But I stow it in the lazerette and actually only fired it up twice this past sailing season (yes, I'm in New England so we have a short "season", no sailing/swimming in November). I have found that once the fuel is about a month old, it's time for fresh. So I no longer leave the tank "topped" and bring a fresh tank aboard every few weeks, just in case I need to mount the motor and go under power. But if I kept the boat on a slip with shore power, I think I would definitely
  4. That really looks like a great project, well worthy of the effort. I'm glad you followed through with the purchase, it's going to be enjoyable to observe your progress. I might have missed it, but what sort of specs do you have there? I'm a bit of a newbie with keelboats, what is the "raw water strainer" for specifically?
  5. How about this one, any clues? It has an outboard well and some significant overhang!
  6. Hi there Mr. Bull.  As a relatively new H-boat sailor (this was my 1st season on the water with her), I'm hungry to know anything H-boat specific you can share as you've gained experience with yours.  Have you got any rig tuning advice (I'm not sure if you race her).  Have you played around with any spinnaker sailing?


    - AM

    1. Bull City

      Bull City

      Hi Andy,

      A few H-Boat owners have gotten a Google Group together. It would be great to add yourself. Please send me your contact details if you'd like to join. My email is: robertgharrison@gmail.com.

      I do a little PHRF racing. It's pretty casual. Earlier this year, I gave my rig some attention for the first time. I bought a Loos gauge and followed the North Sails tuning guide that's on their website. It made a difference.

      My boat came with the class spinnaker and pole, but I decided to get an asymmetric, which I have on a top-down furler.


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