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  1. RS directly asked Hyde sails to Dumb down their sails. Hyde will build to order and specification. RS requested that they use a lower quality fabric/product to help them rapidly implement a more profitable Planned Obsolescence. After building up the class RS wanted more profit so introduced PO into the sails to ensure an increased profit cycle in the class.
  2. You mean wrapping around the mast where the shackle is attached?
  3. I don’t anything about this. But I did read somewhere RS dumping boats onto the market at (let’s say) very competitive prices to establish interest and quickly build up fleets. Only to then turn around and jack up the prices. My question is, are/did they follow a similar path with quality. These older white? Ones I’m assuming were made in the UK and are of superior quality. How much of the next generation sales were made in Cebu? And does that even matter? Why are these newer sails so much worse?
  4. Hello I Am trying to get to the bottom of issues I have regarding a noticeable difference in sail quality of older RS sails compared to new ones. We have an RS Feva that we sail and are quite piss’d at the longevity of these sails. After washing, drying, storing them inside we are very shocked at the shit quality of them. But! What’s more surprising is seeing the older ones that have the white mesh? Reinforcing? in the mains last so much longer. So have RS done the dirty and dumped these boats on the market to build up the fleet numbers with good sails, then r
  5. Yeah it’s a bad design as kids will inherently pull the boat up onto the trolley, when they should completely float it on. This becomes difficult in a choppy on-shore. The latest trolley is waaaaay better, but that’s money we don’t have.
  6. Hello I need to replace the front foam on the 29er trolley. I’ve seen some that have been glued? To the base of the trailer in the slot. What are you using as an adhesive for this thanks.
  7. Cool. Our gennaker is not new, so if it doesn’t look good, then who cares. It will need replacing later in the year, so thats why I thought I’d give it a crack. a nice graphic would be great, but not in New Zealand, prices are outrageous for that type of thing.
  8. Thanks, I don’t think it’s impregnated like the one on the 29er(if I’m correct). It’s off a little RS Feva, so not going to spend dollars on it, which why I was thinking of drawing something myself.
  9. Hello there Has anyone out there ever put a graphic on a small sailing dinghy. I know keelers do and some are done prior to sewing up. But was wondering if anyone has put one on lite cloth dinghies. Drawing/designing is not an issue, just wanting to know what we should use to apply/draw with thanks. Light polyester/tent type cloth seems it may bleed?
  10. Nice, thanks for this. It’s all new for us.
  11. Thank you. can someone please explain what a T-Ball is (only had the boat a week, and come from another dinghy) so we can search that up. I’ve just found some SS Tubing as well, so could go with that too.
  12. Do you think that would be an issue? I’m unsure, would that size matter? If it would then I could swap it out for something else.
  13. So I made these up today. I call them Aston Sleeves’ they are made from 8mm alu tubing. I used a small pipe cutter to get the 5-6mm length. They sit in the shackle to stop it gauging out the carbon. I have made a up a few sets of them as the probably wont last that long. But who cares, easy to make and crazy cheap. They work by stopping the shackle from sliding past half way, which also helps keep the loading on the pin centred. Anyway the spares sit in an empty pill bottle, which can be taken with you and changed out anytime.
  14. Yes, that’s true. But I’m only thinking about an extra washer width. Which will be and extra 0.5-0.75mm on each side. I’m sure that wouldn’t be too bad would it?
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