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  1. Wind is 14 knots as said on Key Yachting Facebook page, which is more in line with sea state, I think.
  2. Hello JMOD, When I bought mine, few weeks ago, this option was not listed. Isn't it a rumor ? In case of retrofit the volume needed by ballast, pipes and plumbing will probably ask accommodations to be revisited. I don't know what is the scheme for J121, any picture someone on deck and bellow ?
  3. I think it is possible to do both with little engineering
  4. Got some pictures from Nautic Paris. The boat seems really nice but bow is not retractable at all. It is not convenient ... as I'll need tools for +/- 10 minutes. Also as it is, I can not fix it at sea because the lashing underneath is not accessible from deck... So right now, it needs to be removed at the dock only ! Wondering if that really consistent with the j-boat experience. They will review that I hope
  5. Mine will be alloy standard mast, carbon mast is not in the option list anyway.
  6. hull +/- number 20 due to be delivered mid June in France . Main choices are 1or 2 rudders, 2m or 2.10 flat keel... I will see later on which configuration we'll choose, can keep you posted if you want a know more about French deliveries...
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