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  1. She fucked up. accidentally? possibly? The one on trial in mpls. had time to think.
  2. can the gay couple make you gay? I think you probably might be already maybe conflicted.
  3. This is the most relevant AOC poster, she represents her district, unlike many politicians. Democracy is for the people, not just the donors.
  4. Just spoke with a neighbor about a local BLM sign. He is offended because his son is a peace officer who has been shot three times. I know the man likes to stretch the truth, so not sure of the tales veracity. His son is still alive and working. If I had been shot three times at work, I would find other work. Black people do not have that opportunity. I would like to quote one of my favorite Public Enemy songs, but I will leave it to your imagination.
  5. is this the so called shit eating grin? i hope they love tossed salad.
  6. So far Women in the high risk age group are still 125 times more likely to die of Covid than from this rare clotting condition.
  7. it must suck to have a similar name to some people/scoundrels. Steve Miller goes to Heaven Steph..?
  8. I have been stopped by the pigs in this metropolis a few times. The kid fucked up. Taser might have been less bad. 4 cops could not cuff him ? The police would have been able to find that car in a few minutes. No bullets required. Have any of you seen what a hollow point police round does?
  9. Lincoln aint shit Drumpf did it one year. On this day in 1861, Confederate forces fired on Fort Sumter, the United States fort located in Charleston Harbor, launching a Civil War that would take more than 600,000 lives and cost the United States more than $5 billion. The leaders of the Confederate States of America believed that the government of the United States of America had a fatal flaw: it declared that all men were created equal.
  10. Hold my beer and watch this. This is actually a very good analogy for the current state of the USA. We can do better.
  11. How could Drumpf resist a meeting with these two.
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