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  1. https://www.cnn.com/2022/01/20/politics/trump-campaign-officials-rudy-giuliani-fake-electors/index.html
  2. I think that the **Dogballs** Wing is going to implode before the USA goes to pieces. I have been wrong before. Where goes California goes the country was true in my youth. Where goes America goes the world?
  3. jzk, there is still no proof of voter fraud, of the likes that some in the orbit of the former twice impeached president claimed. the legislatures in several republican controlled states are not only changing the rules to make voting more difficult for some, they are making election fraud easier for them. alternate electors are a very serious threat to the democratic process. the people involved are now being exposed. you probably think they were patriots. letting partisans control local election boards can only lead to more attempts to steal lost elections. the rot runs deep.
  4. If only, they were not mostly morons, it might have worked. Sinema and Munchkin need to have their shit sniffed an little.
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