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  1. Let's be perfectly clear here- Circa 3 years ago you were interested in getting into a Finn (previous threads available) and I even PM'ed you a point of contact in Denver to which you complained about the price. I assume between then and now you actually bought a Lemieux, had it trucked to San Diego and loaned it out to a friend for an unspecified event at SDYC. When you actually went to California, unspecified SDYC member(s) gave you a hard time about unpaid boat storage, knowledge of which you were previously unaware. You apparently tried (and eventually succeeded) in selling
  2. I can link some pictures later but the project has some grad students at U of M looking at the laminate schedule and comparing the original early 90's Lemieux deck to more recent Devoti and Pata decks (smaller breakwater, shallower square cockpit and curved traveler amongst other changes). They were poking around with infrared cameras and lasers and iPads and I felt very much out of my depth It's super cool and hopefully a big step for the Americas.
  3. And yet Rio saw entries from 46 countries and all six continents, completely filling the entry quota...
  4. Sir Ben was 1.83m and 90kg and has three Finn golds dude... Where did I say that people would be forced to gain weight? Neither flavor of Laser, 49er, Windsurfer, or the 470 are going anywhere, all of which mandate sub-85kg sailors.
  5. It's shocking you never see other sports deal with this every cycle. "We need to run 836m, not 880, cause it's faster for TV viewers!" "We're dropping the butterfly because nobody swims that in real life" Here is a Finn & Star Sailor's Rebuttal: 1. Align with Olympic Agenda 2020+5, including relevance to the youth, innovation, universality and participation of the best athletes Another nebulous word salad, the youth are more focused on playing Fortnite on their iPads than on the pinnacle of niche sport; the best will always strive for excellence regardless of event
  6. With the VG you also had the luxury of being able to check in at your leisure over the course of 70+ days after highlights had already been compiled. A 24-48hr race isn't going to have the time to create favorites or cultivate human interest stories and you'll see the best programming after the fact even with premade graphics and every shred of media being blasted across the twittersphere.
  7. Ah yes, Team "USA" with an Aussie driver and a Limey trimmer. I'm surprised the most recent American gold medalist (christ thirteen years ago?) hasn't been mentioned, I heard she was in discussions with Team S&S before they folded...
  8. Is this the boat you got for free if you bought a case of coors?
  9. In case anyone's interested, spring cleaning has found quite a few used Finns on the market ranging from $300 for boats that need some TLC to $16k for professionally prepared, podium-ready boats. http://www.finnusa.org/adverts/
  10. As far as hardware limitations go I think the blocks are all Harken Black Magic 75's so 5000-7500lb MWL (seems really low?), the German mainsheet is functionally a 4:1 so 0.44% stretch is pretty much negligible on a winch that's constantly being trimmed, even with 2:1 the margin is pretty great for shock loading, no? Tapering might be an option but the taper would be so short that I wonder if it's even worth doing. 11-12mm seems to be the winner, I'm not married to Warpspeed but that was what we discussed with the chandlers
  11. The issue we are having is that it is difficult to trim the main because the line is already too big (14mm?) and does not ease smoothly through the tunnels, so bigger is not an option.
  12. Winches are Harken 50-something ST's, so 8-16mm tailer jaws. 11mm seems to be pretty close to MWL and smaller than the 14ish mm that was already there
  13. I am in charge of building a new mainsheet for a 52' offshore race boat (think TP52), with a "German/Admiral's Cup" mainsheet system (a la Farr 40) The old mainsheet was somewhere between 2/3 and 3/4 of an inch, very stiff and inflexible, and almost too big to ease through the line tunnel under the deck. What is the appropriate line diameter for this application? The Harken calculator with my ballpark numbers at 45kt said the boom loading would be somewhere around 17000lb. If that is doubled up then do I look for a MWL around 9k, or have the redundant safety margin of 18-20k? The dif
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