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  1. What are you trying to "trial"? Most major one designs have a tuning/sailing guide that will get you in the speed ballpark. Depending on your boat, tape/sharpie stripes on lines, sharpie/whiteout stripes on spars/deck, wind indicators, trim stripes on sails, telltales on sails/standing rigging are all useful. Buy wet notes, your phone is worthless when it dies/gets wet/gets overheated.
  2. Neat. Newports are glass boats but an intact Bruder mast is an uncommon find, altogether you're getting a lot out of that $500.
  3. Oyster 82's are nice. Ultime Tri's go real fast. There are a whole mess of Lasers out there. What is it you're trying to do?
  4. Remember that most of the great Mothies are also great Laser/Finn/470/49er/N17/A-Cat sailors (Burling, Goody, Slingers, etc); Lasers will have unbelievable depth for the foreseeable future so if you/youngsters in your life are making Laser gold fleets then they are "good". Like Ncik said, winning a Sabre nationals isn't the same as Etchells. (from my perspective in 'merica) If your goal isn't to drive an AC boat then Olympic boats aren't as important, there are wicked competitive Corinthian teams in keelboats like the J/24, J/70, Melges 24, Etchells, Star, Viper, and VX One. If you go on
  5. Or they see "categories" for dinghies to fill. Aero = Laser = Singlehanded, low-tuning, high tactics hiking singlehander Tera = Topper = Youth Singlehanded Training/Racing Feva = c420 = Youth doublehanded optional-spinnaker Training/Racing RS700 = Musto Skiff = Singlehanded Skiff RS800 = 49er = Adult twin-wire skiff
  6. Between Rodney being the only distributor for a long time (and then selling those rights), half-assed marketing versus the established advertising engine and dealer network that RS has, and Luca/Roman's priority being getting Finns out the door it's really a shame the DZ never caught on because it's a really neat boat. I think there's a video of Steve Cockerill saying that the DZ is a better boat than the Aero but you have to be a good sailor to appreciate it, and the Aero fits so much better as the heir to the Laser
  7. Probably because there are "close enough" boats for all of those categories. J/70's blew up because of some teams upgrading and some teams downsizing, 3-5 up, trailerable, Asym one design that would hold its value. Vipers the same to a lesser extent. Real speed freaks are on F-18's. Thistles and Lightnings are EVERYWHERE as the family 2-4 up one design dinghy. The problem with introducing a new boat is that you have to invest in something that might not pay off. Someone here brought a whole container of Melges 15's to New Jersey and they're having a blast because everyone bought one at t
  8. I learned on a C175 built in 1959! @DetroitODWhat did you have in mind for the "new hotness"? There have been whispers that Detroit is ripe to become an Aero hotbed...
  9. If you don't want to pay for the BW brand Carolina Skiffs are OK, although you really can't beat good RIBs
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