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  1. Yes it is idiot. Read his beliefs slowly. The minister he speaks of is Louis Farrakhan You might have heard his name before. I guess your reading skills are not very advanced. For instance Jesus is considered a Holy prophet in Islam.
  2. I was taking a break from the radicals on this site, but you sir are an Idiot. The suspect in the death of a Capitol Police officer described himself on Facebook as a follower of Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, who has repeatedly promoted anti-Semitism. The suspect, Noah R. Green, 25, was identified by two law enforcement officials and a congressional official. He was from Indiana and died after being shot by the Capitol Police. On Facebook, Mr. Green had posted speeches and articles written by Mr. Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad, who led the Nation of Islam
  3. Ok I’m done because I knew it evolve into the claiming that I support her, I don’t. I think she is a hateful and nasty bitch and should have been removed for what she said.
  4. Oh now it’s the words that count the Dems are in the process of impeaching a ex president for calling for a mob when he said nothing about violence
  5. Doubtful. I guess you missed Maxine telling people to form a mob whenever they encounter anyone in the Trump cabinet.
  6. Exactly the reaction I expected. I will personally enjoy the howls of outrage in the future.
  7. Have you stopped beating your wife? Yes or no
  8. It’s the correct thing to do when the Dems do it, but it will be an abuse of power if the GOP does it. Exactly what I expect the reaction to be in the future.
  9. I’ll pull a Raz on you. She is still in Congress so the threat you claim has not been removed.
  10. Who’s bullshitting. I have discussed this subject multiple times on the main thread. Go read what I wrote before accusing me of skirting the issue. Interestingly my views match Mark K’s pretty close. I doubt you would call him a bullshitter. I love how Sol has all the sheep in a row with the “everyone not toeing his line is a bullshitter.” Mantra. Sheep
  11. I’ve commented plenty in the original thread on the subject. Go read it.
  12. Then why didn’t they bring this up two months ago? They knew he wasn’t living in Antioch when the original bail was set.
  13. You really are reading challenged. I never said they couldn’t do it, only asked if they should. If the party in power starts removing minority reps from committees something that is usually handled by the reps own caucus don’t be surprised if it becomes the new norm. Just like the change in how SCOTUS nominees have been grilled post Bork and how quick impeachment is rolled out post Clinton.
  14. Try a source other than SLATE Milwaukee journal In a written response, Richards pointed out that prosecutors knew more than two months ago that Rittenhouse had changed residence and agreed to the current $2 million bail amount knowing that he didn't live in Antioch. Richards said he was more than happy to provide the judge with Rittenhouse's current address, under seal. In late November, Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger had denied a defense request to hide the address from public records, according to court documents.
  15. You guys are nuts. Everyone knew where he was. He moved to an undisclosed address because he was getting death threats. It was reported to the judge in November and sealed because the prosecutor refused to keep it private. The prosecutor is either playing games or incompetent because they knew he moved 2 months ago when the original bail was set. Now they react when a piece of mail was returned?
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