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  1. Yep I got that. Best solution do what CA did and vote to make the commissions recommendation binding. But at least the districts are basically shaped the same. Now this is gerrymandering to the max. 4 states 2 blue 2 red
  2. Those popular votes reflect two large states NY and CA solid one party rule. The founding fathers were brilliant in not allowing a few large states to control the nation. Get ready for the trend. Hint. It’s not going to make you happy.
  3. I wasn’t aware that the congresswoman threatened Omar? Could you provide the link please.
  4. I don’t know the area very well but the map is not very extreme compared to the ones I linked. I’m assuming the Dems wanted one district majority democratic. Yet the demographics looks pretty balanced across each district.
  5. I read your opinion piece that ironically doesn’t have an actual map to show what the issue is. more truth Illinois New York Maryland
  6. Actually they didn’t. Pelosi was so afraid of the Squad that they didn’t follow through on naming her in the resolution. Pelosi
  7. The professor quoted national popular vote and then tried to claim that the house should reflect that vote. Now the goalposts are all over the place. I’ve heard the talking point about gerrymandering. BUT as been shown many blue states also engage in the same practice. Trying to use the popular vote across the nation or even states is not a true reflection on who the people that vote want or should represent them. How many of you know that judges ordered gerrymandering to allow for a better representation of minority voters.
  8. Explain how a state that is that blue would have diversity that leads to federal seats being radically different than state elections. Do you l have an example of a state that shows what you claim
  9. Bullshit. The thing that drives representation is turnout and candidate popularity. Gerrymandering is done by both parties no argument that it has an effect, but it still doesn’t make the national popular vote an indication on how the majority of house races are won or lost. The individual states run the rep races. It has nothing to do with the national popular vote. Reps from both sides routinely win in districts that do not reflect a majority of their party. Look at the Manchin senate race for a perfect example of a popular Democrat winning in a solid red state.
  10. Of course it was noted - the very first sentence after the link. It doesn’t remove the fact that someone thinks enough of him to start one and try and get donations using #BLM and #racismisreal. Then talks about him being a victim of racial injustice.
  11. That is the dumbest most partisan thing I’ve read in a long time. To be clear You want to apply the national collective vote and think it should be how the house should be made up? Then explain how individual house races should be run? One more point that was never part of the constitution.
  12. So you think the popular vote doesn’t apply to house races? Where did you teach again?
  13. It’s not false at all you never heard her open antisemitism? Like I fully expected a partisan troll like you to react with “not my bitch.” At least Lorena didn’t marry her brother to violate our laws.
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