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  1. Please don’t put any conclusions on either product for its readability based on these pictures. The Vakaros Atlas has a stunning readability on the boat in all weather conditions I know from experience and I have good confidence that the Sailmon MAX will eventually also have a good readable screen, this is just a prototype.
  2. Not to forget that the Sailmon Max is a first prototype and the Atlas a pre-production edition
  3. Not that I am an expert but I'll try to respond; - One can select to show Heading (magnetic) or Course over Ground (thus GPS-based). - Leadtime, whatever it will be, its worth the wait ;-). this tool is a redefinition of instrumentation, a game changer and nothing compares.
  4. Have been using the Vakaros Atlas on my boat (Efsix) this weekend for the first time. In brief, it's really an awesome tool and a great enhancement to sailing experience! - Friday-evening sailing into the low-standing sun and sunglasses on, not an issue for the Atlas - always very clear display readings. - Having used the Atlas over 3 days and easily more than 20 hours or so, plus a few hours of demoing to friends, without intermediate recharging battery is still showing well above 80% capacity. - It's true you can see the display from pretty much everywhere on the boat; even wh
  5. Got a heads-up from Jake & Todd end of last week that my device was ready to be shipped and already this Monday before lunch it arrived to my place in The Netherlands! incredible fast shipment!! As with other people's experience, when you open the package you get the thrill similar to getting your hands on your very first iphone. Attention is paid to many facets of the user experience; -the overall packaging, -a sturdy yet compact and comfortable carrying case, - and the device...wow! its nimble and the numbers are adjusting instantly - a compact unit and you can read the numbers
  6. Great news Clockwork! May I ask what your order number is? (To get a feel of where the production rate is). Also, once you get it, I’d be interested on your experience(s).
  7. Yes, last email update from Vakaros was indicating that they have started supplying - very keen to hear any first impressions of actual customers.
  8. As per Clockwork question, I’m also very curious whether anyone got their (pre-production) delivery - it should have been supplied but there is radio silence on user experiences. Anyone?
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