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  1. Seems like a short tiller to tiller pilot with a longer tilting tiller could provide that utility. I put the stud on the bottom of my tiller with a bungee holding up the tiller pilot. Easy quick disconnect by pushing it down and it hangs on the bungee
  2. I like your style Crash. I hate chain so I’m thinking about dyneema tubing with a normal dyneema line inside. Put all the weight in the anchor. Should be able to put the load on the tube with a rolling hitch and tie the rode to a normal cleat so if the tube wears thru, the inside line takes the load to the cleat. You could even alarm the bight. The low stretch and abrasion resistance might survive well in coral anyway, but this would be a safe way to test it. Anybody worn out a dyneema rode? The guy in Palau who installs moorings says that the less metal you put in the water, the better.
  3. Shoulda welded on more keel bolts
  4. Looks good. That clip looks like a good fuse. Probably the right thing to break instead of a spar.
  5. Wow. Share some details on that? I hear tubercles are like croutons. Definitely need em for Orca trolling. Paging Amati…
  6. The Orcas have gone too far!!
  7. I’m reading “One Watch at a Time” by Skip Novak about sailing/continuously fixing Drum while racing the Whitbread. Says Laurie was the fastest driver and could stay fast and focused for hours. Fair winds and following seas.
  8. Thanks for clarity. A buddy says it’s not fun to race motorcycles with teenagers. Turn one is a lot like Cap Finisterre
  9. That article says Fink is Yvan’s nephew. Probably pretty experienced at 19
  10. Orca certainly add a new dimension. I wouldn’t want to find out what happens when they finally sink a boat and get some new toys to play with. 4 boats attacked So far and they’re just entering the prime Orca playground.
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