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  1. If you use epoxy, I’d start with pure epoxy to get max penetration in the narrow gaps and follow with increasing the thickness by adding the filler of your choice and injecting it. Maybe figure out a way to lift the deck a little to suck the goop in. Pumping it up and down a few mm should help a lot. Then add weight and drink beer till cured.
  2. I guess they did it so well that it never needs doing again.
  3. Very cool design goals. I’ve seen a dink flying around 10 feet off the deck when the norther swung into the crappy anchorage right off the beach in Cabo. The boat was rolling side to since the waves preceded the wind. It was really spectacular watching the dink, lifted by a halyard, bounce from shroud to forestay. Premix is more interesting to clean up than straight gas, it turns out. But anyway, I’d lift the dink on davits or anything besides lifting it way up and over. I assume the leeward hull is flat on the leeward side, as the Polynesians figured out when Pyramids were young?
  4. A wadded mess of sail is bad enough, but what do you do at the clew to avoid a bludgeon when tacking? I was thinking about folding the whole panel up to the zipper and folding the clew somehow.
  5. I’d like to hear about slab reefing jibs with zippers and best practice with modern materials for dealing with the clew. It seems like you could fold it around the leach. What do the minis do?
  6. Pretty safe to name this spot. Ledbetter Point. Plenty of PNW mud and weather for all. Home Depot bucket with screw on lid for critter protection
  7. Read “The Water Knife”
  8. Faro’s oil alarm shutdown main engine at similar heel angle. Not the best outcome.
  9. Kids caught 5 whitefish on worms and we started tossing them to the eagles. Had two juveniles and our local pair in the air at one point, swooping for dinner.
  10. Looks to me like you are the overtaking vessel and should have stayed clear of them. You only have rights as a leeward boat if you are overlapped when the boats come within 2 boat lengths, which generally means you’re traveling at similar speeds on a converging course.
  11. How do you change the batteries in the stick?
  12. You can buy one of those load testers cheap at Harbor Freight or on line.
  13. Maybe cm instead of inches. Better resolution than “9 and 5/8 ths “
  14. Or you could run a 3 mm nylon topping lift for about $5
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