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  1. Build a 1” tall dam around the base with pink foam and hot glue. Fill to brim with liquid nitrogen. Smack with hammer.
  2. Common sense actually works for prop walk. The bottom of the blade bights into the water more than the top. The obvious derivation is left to the student.
  3. I usually smell the blower outlet if easy, especially if maintenance is questionable If you get in a tight spot with wind pushing you, you can hang off the props in reverse to weather as a safe position Sometimes it makes more sense to back down a fairway than to enter bow first
  4. Key Largo, florida bay outfitters, rents Hobie AI & TIs Great place
  5. Please post a link if recorded for mortals. Stan is such a great communicator
  6. Hobie makes a screacher in a sock for the TI
  7. Let’s suppose that they were hit by an internal wave when they were at a depth of 100 meters and 500 meters is failure. Margin is 400 meters and the wave was traveling at 2 knots = 1 m / second We don’t know transfer function for the resultant vertical velocity. I can imagine that it could exceed 1, perhaps even 10x in a focused high q (efficiency) domain, but if it’s 1:1, then you have 400 seconds to respond and achieve a vertical velocity greater than 1 meter/ sec Do they normally have the tools to do this? What conditions or damage would have to occur that would impair them?
  8. No emergency ballast release? At least airplanes have parachutes I suppose a small mistake could result in a serious trim issue that would cascade into operational issues. Stand her on the nose and it gets hard to reach controls. What’s the maximum dive angle typically?
  9. How much safety margin do they have on buoyancy management? Like, if they fuckup a torpedo tube and flood the torpedo bay, is it curtains?
  10. Infrared thermometer is a good idea. I wonder what the process window is. How hot to soften adhesive vs damaging the deck. Probably depends on resin type. I’ve softened epoxy at 150 C but don’t know what is safe. Anybody got data? Should be easy to test.
  11. Seems like superheated steam might work. Higher heat transfer rate than air so you could run a lower temp steam than an air gun and still melt the goo?
  12. You probably want to put a few layers of glass over the area, so you could just dremel the screws off flat and leave in place. Drill the new holes slightly offset.
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