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  1. On my A class I also moved over to the Spinlock PXR for exactly the same reason of being unable to release cam cleat from the wire. Although technically the release angle might not be too far off the cam cleat, the triggering force is some magnitudes lower on the PXR, so one could easily flick the rope to do the job (and the force is even adjustable). Small caveat: The PXR is (in my experience) unforgiving with the rope diameter when it comes to initial grip.
  2. Just on the spare rudder question I digged out a german newspaper article (pre-VG start) that quotes a spare rudder on the packing list from Boris Herrmann: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/sport/segeln-hamburg-von-hamburg-um-die-welt-herrmann-vor-vendee-globe-start-dpa.urn-newsml-dpa-com-20090101-201019-99-00766 So apparently the existence of a spare rudder is nothing obscure on an IMOCA. Changing it alone on sea would be another story however. And this would also require all the delicate bearing/tilting mechanism is undamaged/repairable with onboard means.
  3. Agree, the repair in the bow was properly documented ;-)
  4. Pics or it didn't happen - in that respect Alex speaks perfectly fluent VG french :-)
  5. AFAIK these hydro generators are kick-up style and "fused" somehow. Miranda Perron just reported this is some smaller type of Dyneema as fuse that has blown last night. https://www.vendeeglobe.org/en/news/20787/miranda-merron-keel-problems Well, looking on the SWL of even 2mm Dyneema the triggering forces are ....quite nice :-)
  6. Hey thanks for the hint Simon! Are you using some dedicated IPxy certified phones or just smartphones in a waterproof bag?
  7. Digging this out again: Is it just me seeing Mischa wearing a headset?
  8. I remember Boris having one spare rudder strapped against the main bulkhead from one of the usual "show-us-your-boat" vids on YT
  9. https://www.borisherrmannracing.com/education/ Maybe all this is orchestrated by the IMOCA -UNESCO collaboration https://en.unesco.org/news/science-sets-sail-new-partnership-between-unescos-ioc-and-imoca-class-signed-paris
  10. Boris is well integrated in the french scene since at least a decade if not longer and speaks fluently french. Actually he is sponsored by a german (maritime) logistics company, the boat name and the visible logos give a hint. The boat is owned by a german real estate entrepreneur from whom it is formally chartered by Yacht Club de Monaco.
  11. So, as well as the combo Boris/Yannick (see feedback from Boris on that during today interview in english summary show) it is somehow consoling to see the VG is apparently not only about sailing by (performance) numbers but having a benchmark nearby could actually push the performance that extra bit
  12. Would guess they leave the unused sails furled in crazy conditions accepting the windage and take them down once conditions allow. Stowing along the rails might be a no-go as you could count seconds once they get flushed away despite reasonable tie-downs... So the strategic art (from my armchair view) would be having the portfolio of furled sails deployed which covers next days/hours as good as possible - and remove anything useless in that context
  13. Yet another southern atlantic training camp! Pushing each other seems to work, looking on distance to PRB, JLC
  14. Also think allowing elevators would be like opening pandora‘s box: This would enable full foiling with even higher potential speeds, more system load, in particular on the rudder system. Then rudders need to be significantly longer and it would be like „au revoir“ for the tilting rudders, more likely to end up in cassette rudders like Gitana17. Also the overall lateral balance of the boat might be revisited, as there will be to points with lifting forces unlike now. So, if above should not happen but keep other positive aspects (like increased pitch stability, maybe avoiding the bow slam
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