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  1. Solar power at sea already exists since medieval times… Called “Sails” The quickest solarpowered(sail) multi,s race around the world at 25+kt average The quickest solarpanel covered megamilliondollar eletric motor driven monster trimaran barely averages 5 kt… Stay on terre firma with solar power transport!
  2. Northwestern Midievel tradeship replica
  3. my tri not sailing like all the others in a wensday evening pursuitrace…
  4. In Dutch we have a saying that translates into “You want a horse with 5 legs” …..
  5. Windshear= different angle of atack for the upper part of the sails on different tacks...?? Mast not vertical...?? Current influence or current shear closer to the shore..?? Lots of possibilities that is why they used 2 boats for tuning America,s cuppers Don,t bother , enjoy jour sweet catamaran!
  6. This 42 footer does not belong here but at “Cool boats to admire” stunningly beautifull and simple. Wonder what Robert Perry thinks of it....
  7. On my F 27 I got fed up with chafe related jams of the main until I instellad Tidesmarie system , what a relief.! I have no shares in Tidesmarine !
  8. Keep going guys ! long time ago during the Heineken regatta we raced against you with Johnny be bad , together with a number of multi,s and were impressed by the performance of Triple Jack ! So we have big hopes to see the Jack safe and sound on the water again !,,
  9. Elfström ; three olympic golds , never filed a single protest in his life.....
  10. Wawaru ; now yellow , in her former Carribean life ...
  11. come on guys ; cruising boats don,t plane ; better change the title into boats that plane...
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