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  1. To have at least a modicum of credibility.
  2. She certainly has that je ne sais quoi. Fast feet too.
  3. Well, kudos. A fretless stringed instrument can be one of the most difficult to master. Shall I call you maestro?
  4. "Are able" to make it. Interestingly, neither of your name droppings made Rolling Stone's list. Or udiscovermusic's list for that matter. Check out Christian Vander of Magma. He made both lists.
  5. Is it cultural imperialism day? I think if one were to recommend a particular mainstream band, one should be proficient (i.e. more than 4 chords) with at least one musical instrument.
  6. If you play smart, you'll be fine. Just don't pull an Evergreen in the canal.
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