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  1. Rivera took some flak for accusing Gutfeld of "The Five" of deflecting when he brought up the BLM riots. That topic got swept under the rug quickly.
  2. The website/quiz suggested that my score was at the top of the bell curve, so to speak. Statistics be damned.
  3. "Rocky", as the missus calls him, hammers away at his own reflection. Let's see if I can edit in a photo of the roadrunner. Too big of a file perhaps?
  4. Thanks. Think I'll break out my Daisy.
  5. Weird, but in the very first post in this thread, @Blue Crab said that China took a gold medal...
  6. justsomeguy!


    You forgot another; "I don't know." Hat-tip Red Green.
  7. Of course. Imagine being the troopers pulling him over. I'd get a blood sample, or a warrant asap.
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