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  1. Cow #2 failed to defacate, so a young'un was brought in to toss a frisbee. Spun him around 'til he was somewhat dizzy and he let fly. Not my spot, unfortunately. Some purdy cowgirls there, however.
  2. No disaster cow plop bingo.
  3. Marina Real, San Carlos, Sonora, MX. Usually I'll discourage the droppings, both fecal and fish. Windshield. Hope your wipers were up to the task!
  4. You ain't gonna control shit. You needn't capitalize. Is this where it got political? I honestly don't know.
  5. You'll notice we weren't any better at cleat hitches back then.
  6. Yeah, what are the chances there being two serial killers in the same car?
  7. Or Monk, in 2006. https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0830105/
  8. A pilot can be quite the cowboy. Military? Fuhgetaboutit.
  9. The only remedy for a scotch hangover is time.
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