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  1. Hehe. Yep granted, but sponsors are mandatory, now, in serious racing events. It's hard to maintain a race boat to competitive level and compete and eat without getting help along the way. Not saying I like this, but what I do like is that he's now able to sustain his goals without having to broadcast his girlfriend assets all over the thumbnails. I love the direction his channel took, it's so much more my stuff than the average fap fodder that thread is full of. If he has to shove a few nautical equipment ads in my face along the way, so be it. Btw how much for that soul? You take
  2. Yes I figured that was the plan, that's why I said "decent" planes :p
  3. What a beauty! Now should the french lend the brits a few decent planes to put on that? Let's face it : this long history of british/french feuds and tauntings at sea looks more and more like marital disorders. With quite a few dead bodies in loads of closets, granted. But hey we still love you. Don't leave!
  4. UK sends Royal Navy to patrol Jersey amid fishing row with France - BBC News Bring it on! We'll crash fishing vessels on your ships and slowly contaminate them with rust and unbearable smell. Plus this one will be fought lit by torch light and candles. Memories... Just don't shut off the banks, we need them to deposit errrm... stuff. You know.
  5. Very well put! OP, you know you *will* regret that you bought this boat (or any other) at some point, that's for granted. Even now you need us to give your best judgement the upper hand. To concur with Dylan here, now that you know what you can afford, divide that by two and aim for the result as an absolute max. ... Not that I applied this wisdom to myself, of course.
  6. Agreed. They can be a bit heavy on the ads sometimes but yes, it pays the bills. Their practical knowledge and presentation is way above the mass of average youtube sailors. They do seem more mature and non hysterical overall.
  7. Zonker preparing the required daily sunscreen dose
  8. Mmmmh sooooo... Everything that fells is technically sea fortune, right?
  9. To be fair, the world has not changed all that much in 60 years, in the "look at my shit" department at least. Artist's Shit - Wikipedia
  10. Edit : I might have been unfair, comparing the boat to that controller. According to the end of the vid, I realise the controller probably sails better.
  11. He did, yes, and that good Will (huhuhu) is definitely pumping. It's just that I would set priority on helping Will lowering the water level and thus have a chance to do a more involved inspection. I might be old fashionned. Definitely boring.
  12. The positive aspect of this is that average youtube sailors would probably do great in the physical rehabilitation field for arm amputees, seing how they excell at using only one arm during demanding situations. Though he does not seem to use that phone-free arm all that well.
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