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  1. Not sure about the model vid, though. Strong, nasty Void Ho vibes at times : https://youtu.be/nTizYn3-QN0?t=163
  2. I believe FB translated this for you, actually. The french version reads "Pommes frites". And there's probably not enough money in the boatbuilding market to get Mark's attention, so we should be safe for a while. If he decides to invest, though, I'd suggest buying Lagoon. They're already compliant to FB chart of quality. Again, I envy the owner so much. Tons of fun ahead!
  3. Pogo - Chantier Naval Structures | Facebook Your boat is on their FB page. Congrats for the successful shoping, have fun with it!
  4. And easily so, no doubt, by the look of it.
  5. Well it's far from being the ugliest dodger of them all, granted. Some of those in that collection are downright dangerous for the retinas. So what about a Dodger that looks too much like a spaceship from the 80s collection?
  6. I never realised that this warrior would fit well in the ugly dodger collection. At first I thought Mad's personnal tastes were to blame, but apparently it was there already when he got it.
  7. https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/sep/13/the-tale-of-the-killer-whales Synopsis : pro and sport fishermen in the detroit behave like droplets of fetid liquid shit, and we are overall a very invading and nocive species. Business as usual.
  8. Haven't found any show your boat flying/rolling thread, so there
  9. Are you talking about those ugly as fuck boats? https://nutshellcatamarans.com/ Not sure I'd want some of what they're smoking, as it seems to induce critical judgement failure.
  10. From IOR Landfills? (question mark included) https://www.facebook.com/groups/203537404677541/permalink/353865476311399/ So, he didn't even bother to actually *sink* her in the end? :p
  11. https://www.facebook.com/groups/203537404677541/permalink/352282266469720/ On IOR landfills FB page. This is an absolute beauty. I love Contessa designs. It's for sale, so here's the page and more pics : Contessa Yachts 43 in vendita - barca a vela / yacht a vela usate/i (yachtall.com)
  12. There's nothing fundamentaly bad about ripping an insurance off, you know. (disclaimer : "this is a joke, not to be taken seriously") Also, the "zero financial incentive" is debatable, again from a neutral pov. If you know them and you're sure they would not do that, fine. No disrespect was intended. But your request and the way you present the event inherently include this possibility. Boats cost lots of money after the purchase. As in shit tons. In many departments. And many unexperienced folks tend to realize that a bit late. Selling back will definitely not be as interesting as a 100%
  13. Looks an awful lot like it, from a neutral standpoint. @Gilldog, your take on this?
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