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  1. Thanks for the tips everyone.  My grandfather passed away when I was teen, 30+ years ago and he wasn't much for talking about the war after he returned from overseas.  Just a few snippets to various family members who are having trouble recalling details at this point.

  2. I'm interested in learning more about my grandfather's WW2 military service.  I understand many individual service records were lost in a fire (1973).  I know where he did his basic training, his Army Division, and that he served in the Pacific.  Does anyone have experience with military record search companies gathering information with other sources?

  3. 4 hours ago, RobbieB said:

    However, I think they need to be posted by honest 1st person experiences. 

    Gonna take forEVER to reach 100+ pages in this thread with that limitation... ;)

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  4. Are ILCA boats required to be sold with official ILCA sails?  If so, buy boat and sell unused ILCA sail (to someone racing official ILCA events) at a discount over buying retail.  Then buy your un-fee-tainted knockoff sail and probably have some cash left for a new keyboard for your computer after it wears out from continuing to solve this terrible injustice through posting on this thread.  Sorry, back to your regularly scheduled programming...

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  5. 3 hours ago, Jules said:

    I don't know how you guys are dealing with that.  Doesn't it leak into the home?

    110 year old house... yes it does.  Avoiding anything that can draw air into the house such as the gas furnace in the basement, or the vent fan over the shower.  The central air fan runs all day just to keep pulling air through the filter.  Air quality improved from "Hazardous" on the scale down to "Very Unhealthy" yesterday.  Back up to "Hazardous" this afternoon.

  6. Most folks at our club have given up on rollers for launching off the dock.  They are higher and often don't roll that well with something heavy balanced on them, especially solo recovery in a strong cross wind.  Instead we opt for a strip of plastic on the dock edge.  Search for "King Starboard plastic".  I put down a 4' x 2" strip on the dock edge about 8 years ago and the boat fiberglass is still glossy, and the plastic is holding up great year round.  Just make sure the screw heads remain sunk down.  I splash a little water on it before launching just to make it as slippery as possible for our 300+ lbs boat..   Not sure how well it works with a plastic boat like the Taz though.

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  7. With the demise of the WSC Vanguard15 and Tasar fleets years ago, I think Lidos and Daysailers are the "newest" crewed dinghys 'round here.  

    Well plenty of weeks of racing left this year to try to meet and greet at both clubs.  All your choices are good active fleets with great people.

    And I fully support a multiple boat plan!

  8. I think you've made a good evaluation so far.  Tough choices but I'd also look at if you can get to the club in time. C15s says you probably sailed with L&C many years ago.  Traffic in Portland has grown exponentially so can you get the family from school and work in Camas to SW Portland for 6:30 weeknight starts consistently if you choose DS racing at WSC?  Hate to make that a factor in what should be sailing discussion.

    Cascade Locks is fantastic but more of an off-the-beach dinghy environment than trailerables. Lasers, Tasers, Aeros, etc.

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