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  1. Well I only fuck fat girls anyways and everyone knows they float
  2. My Ketchikan-Juneau adventure last summer was about 40 hours of motoring and 5 hours of actual sailing.
  3. Money transferred, nothing I love more than a swamp full of nepotism!
  4. I joined this forum to better bask in Rimas' greatness. A true man of the sea. I'm shocked that Armani hasn't released the "Rimas" collection yet.
  5. upgraded ground tackle and a drum anchor winch are on the list. Have considered solar however with our average 86 sunny days a year I think that maybe a wind turbine in addition to a couple panels would be a decent idea. Where can I buy a dieselmaker? I hear those are awful spendy
  6. I will call her if I need to know what sort of sword to defend myself with if Taiwanese pirates attack, but not much else.
  7. Hello all, I bought a Gulf 32 pilothouse in Alaska this last summer and am looking at putting it on the hard for the winter and doing some upgrades. It's a clean boat in great shape but other than a GPS it has about all of the same amenities it came from the factory with in 1981. Most of the sailing I do is single-hand days sails but I am looking to venture farther out, and eventually even sail down to the Lower 48 for the winters (Port Angeles, WA where my folks live more specifically) As I haven't done any long distance cruising, what are the "must haves" for something like this?
  8. Very long and complicated story shortened to a bearable length: I work for a rather large medical transport company and we transported a patient in late February who later died of COVID-19. Almost a month after the transport I read a week old article talking about this dude and that he had tested for and died of COVID-19. In the interim period EVERYONE at the base got ill with COVID-like symptoms to various degrees of severity. I as the youngest, most handsome, and virile member of the team was one of the least affected, whereas some of our older employees were out for upwards of two weeks. No
  9. Austin and San Antonio are all right. We should give the rest back to Mexico.
  10. I have politely yet firmly asked my bilge dwelling microorganisms to cease and desist. I believe I will contact the constibulary and get a restraining order - perhaps that will teach them a lesson. Do you pour the vinegar into the bilge or coat a spongebrush in it and douche it out?
  11. I've taken some carbon footprints in the ocean big enough to be considered a navigational hazard.
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