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  1. Seem like a great candidate. To bad it's on the other side of the country. Maybe one will show up in Puget Sound.
  2. More thanks for the input and thoughts. The 7.9 has not hit the market here. I continue to watch for it as other's have indicated it's a worthy contender. The F24 would be nice, but they seem more like $30K+ which is not what I want to spend.
  3. Others have told me Cal25's are everywhere, but not in the FS section around Puget Sound while I have been watching. Once one arrives, I will check it out. Current short list is a FG Thunderbird and Merit 25. I wish someone with a Catalina Capri 26 would put theirs on the market in this area. They are more money and not as "racey" but would be a nice boat for doing some San Juan exploring over next summer. Less "camping" like.
  4. Do you live along the beach in Illahee also? North or South of the Illahee North housing development. I expect you race the J35 with named GreatWhite? Do you know the boat from Flying Circus (Express 37 Olympia) - the owner is a college buddy and avid racer who has invited me on a few races. It's fun but not my thing - I like relaxed sailing...
  5. You know the area. We are north of Illahee dock. Amazingly about 10 years ago an guy north of us got a permit to install a deep-water dock on his small cabin. Yes, getting "blessing" for the mooring could be a challenge if one goes through the official process. I wish I could wade out and do the DIY solution like you described in deeper water.
  6. Thanks SeattleEngineer. I need the scuba guy since I want to have something like 6 feet at extreme low water so a 4' keel will be reasonably safe. Beautiful photo, where is that? Here is my beach and the mooring will be beyond the small "wildlife (seals mostly) viewing platform".
  7. Thanks to all for the suggestions. There are sort of to many choices. I have a 24' slip that allows 2' overhang max. There are occasional Ranger 26 and currently at C&C 25 in Olympia for $5500. San Juan 24 I will need to watch for, there are many SJ boat but not sure about the 24 specifically. Found a Merit 25 and Wavelength 24 both in Portland, so may drive down and look them over. Any of you have thoughts or knowledge of the Merit? All the CA boats I have seen either have "yard trailers" or no trailer. Shipping is about $5/mile. Need to find something closer to ho
  8. Thanks for that info. There is a Kirby 25 in Eugene $4500. 5 hour drive down there, was thinking of it, but don't know anything more on it.
  9. Hello Anarchists... I am in the market for a used sailboat for day-sailing primarily (possible a night or two of "camping" type boating). I have a 26 foot max due to existing moorage on a dock. I would like to stay under $10k, and lower is better. I have leads on a Merit 25, Kirby 25, Schock Wavelength 24. There are Wilderness21's available also. Lots of options. Very likely I will put a roller on the headsail so that I can more easily handle the boat alone. Am I crazy to look at these old race type boats for this use? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  10. A lot of interesting ideas... Thanks to all who posted so far. Leeboards sound even to goofy for me. I grew up sailing Sabots in So.Cal and they had that setup which was strange then. Maybe I will leave the trunk for this summer, but create a daggerboard to see how much hassle it is, and then cut out the trunk or revert to the swing arrangement. Or if I'm lucky, the Lido will sink and I will be forced to find a replacement. The issue is there are not many options that can be beach launched, small enough to live on the bulkhead over the winter, and something I can find used in
  11. Thanks for the thoughts. It's far from a perfect situation. Since we don't have a vang and the next trip on the road for this boat will be to a land-fill, I'm not worried about it's market value. Pulling up the daggerboard and avoiding the boom and beach (rocky cobble type beach seen here in photo of boat, ramp and beach) will be different but should not be to difficult. Can anyone think of a non-centerboard - and non-daggerboard option? I had thought about moving the swing centerboard "downward" so that it was mostly below the bottom, sort of like a swing keel, but that se
  12. Looking for thoughts and suggestions related to converting a "tired" Lido 14 from the centerboard with trunk to a daggerboard. Our Lido is used for occasional sails on Puget Sound off our beach. My wife and I are both in our early 60's and not as nimble as we once were. The Lido is a great size for quick 1-2 hour sails since it lives on a bulkhead ramp in the backyard and can be slid down to the beach, rigged and underway in 15 minutes. My wife has expressed that she does not want to join me on sails due to the hassles of navigating over the centerboard trunk. Thus the idea of remo
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