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  1. I've come late to this, so perhaps irrelevant now..... but why the focus on gimbals? They're 'one plane' only. Many singlehanders with similar-sized boats - and I'm one - have dispensed with gimbal mounts and simply use good pan clamps. I don't do a whole lot of complex cooking under way....
  2. Thanks, Daniel That's confirming what I've suspected. I'll go with the 'long bury', and why not! There should be way more than sufficient redundant strength, which will help with 'creep'.... as will use of SK99. I do need to work out how I achieve 'pre-load stretch' with the resources I have.
  3. Yes, 'Locus', I'm familiar with the work of 'seaworthy lass', thanks. The reason I need to use 10mm Hi-Load s/s shackles is because my foredeck 'tack' fitting has 10mm holes and the corners of the 'oles are right-angled i.e. very unfair/damaging lead if I simply pass 9mm SK99 through. The reason for looking to use TWO Hi-Load s/s bow shackles is to present the SK99, of whatever diameter, with a very fair 'D/d' bend radius. Same principle with the Wichard MXE10 thingy up on top.
  4. 'Zackly, 'mgs'. It's the CONCEPT I'm borrowing. I have a very much stronger NATO-standard GRP 'donut' fabrication which I'm modifying, which is seen in the attached pics ( insh'allah ), and the planned arrangement of shackles is also now visible. That's a Wichard MXE10 halyard shackle in the second pic. to which the forestay will attach. There is, of course, work to do on the annulus/hole through the centre.....
  5. Thanks for the thoughts above. I'm trying modifications to my elderly 27' boat's rig setup and I like to ask - for every time I do something helpful, or that I hadn't considered, is mentioned. I'm looking to do something similar to that on the bow of the 'Arkema' scow, shown below. I have a conventiona' foredeck fitting on a conventional bow, and my GRP 'donut' ( like a very large Low Friction Ring ) will not have the 'cat's cradle' of lines shown below, but will be tacked down via this strop and shackle(s) to the foredeck fitting.
  6. Huh? If that's 'Southern hemisphere' humour.... don't give up the day job just yet.
  7. I'm looking to build a strop in 9mm SK99 which will wrap around a fitting like a very large 'low friction ring' with effective diameter ~13cm/~39cm circumference. This will carry forestay loads on a 3000kg sailboat, and the SK99 is massively strong enough ( 11500MBL ). The end-loops of the strop will be secured to the foredeck fitting using one ( or two ) 10mm Hi-Load shackles. The issue I have is that of ensuring an adequate splice with an adequate bury, and I seek the team's guidance. Views on the optimum length of bury in this material vary considerably - from 50x diameter to 72x
  8. Just looking at the online charts of the courses.... ...and I hope no-one has entered 'Bishop Rock' into their nav-plotters. That's not the kind of waymark I'd want to sail around.... Try 'Wolf Rock'.
  9. There's one well-known ocean racer who's used a twin mainsheet system.... Jean-Luc Van Den Heed.... who sailed his MatMut to a 'win' in the last Golden Globe Race. That was, for those who've forgotten already, a single-handed RTW race in often serious weather and seas. There were other competitors who had similar setups - you'll need to ask yon Don Macintyre, a fellow 'Strine.
  10. I'm grateful to you guys for the responses. I'll certainly make use of some of the ideas.....
  11. I'm looking to store and deploy my main and kedge warps from plastic reels, which I'll stow when not needed. Large 'expedition' yachts have their reels mounted on deck, on fixed frames. I don't have space on the deck of my 27-footer to spare for fixed frames, so am looking to 'invent' and fabricate something which is demountable/foldable/stowable, but which can be swiftly secured on deck - or across the cockpit - when wanted. Any bright ideas would be welcome - preferably with pics or sketches.
  12. Storm Ciara got down to 921hPa Central Pressure, according to Windy.ty That was a monster.... However.....
  13. I'm interested in replicating the tubular collar idea seen below on the Arkema 3 Scow, due to layout of own boat's bow fittings. I'll seek to make it fixed, not 'tacking', such that the forestay tack arrangement 'wraps around' the collar to secure down onto the existing deck fitting. Does anyone here have any experience to share of something similar?
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