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  1. I remember the santa cruz 70 with the same name, but that isn't it.
  2. the dagger boards are a give away
  3. we will see if they make it to hawaii this summer or have to rescue some other sinking boat again.
  4. yes low tech batten tool and homemade pipe?
  5. Maybe if video quality is good SA members can post a quick video of their boat and info on it? racing history? etc
  6. this is more of we are selling race shirts then what races are happening
  7. the earth is dying and humans have to much greed to stop it
  8. book club? do paper wrapped magazines count too?
  9. do what ever you want and if anyone complains tell them to buy their own boat to do what they want. I only fly jolly roger or other country flags.
  10. crane them off or to the side for ballast
  11. what ever you get be sure to buy spares to fix.
  12. we had one on our cal 40, its a engine placement thing
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