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  1. Thank you to the cold front that passed and gave enough wind to sail from the bridge out to sea and back in a single afternoon! But there was a lot of talk on the dock of 20-25 with 30 gusts.
  2. you get what you pay for
  3. Going back and reliving some of the posts from the past, the funs ones were Tin can and the hot rod. We need another one to lighten the current mood.
  4. oh boy another boat building thread just in time for winter reading!!! a early christmas gift
  5. Benytoe


    If it was one of my kids the guys would be dead plain and simple, yea really
  6. But rememeber that the new name is part of being documented or registered on the title plus if you have to hail the coast guard it should be clear and easy to understand.
  7. Just pretend there was no old name and state the new name and get busy drinking because its time to sail.
  8. also the type and size of winch drum? fatter lines work better in self tailing. when not sailing coil the line and put in bag to protect from UV (secure your sail when furled if you arent going to have a few turns of line around it)
  9. Buy some line and watch a you tube video on how to make them, next thing you know you will have them everywhere and way cheaper.
  10. man has fucked up there world now its payback
  11. True in bay area too, the so called winter is the time when you can sai/racel without jackets, a reefed main and #3
  12. Bay Area races all year with a break in January which seems like the only month of winter. Most non race boats sit in the colder winter months and that might be the time to buy? but with the mild winter and less wind a lot of people sail then. The Baja ha ha is coming up in the fall, after boats make it to Cabo some dont want to bash home and there might be a deal there.
  13. do what ever you want and if someone complains start talking about your rights, First thing I got rid of was the US flag.
  14. Benytoe


    I guess we will find out why they are using the emergency rudder?
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