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  1. why would you build skorpios and not race her in this race ?
  2. are there any penalties amount set in stone ? could the penalty have been awarded and the time lost be 5 seconds ? Safety has to be the number one priority, so would the sport get a worse reputation for not penalising properly a safety issue and then there is a the issue that it sets a precedent that no penalty should change a position ? if MA knew RC was going to protest should he have held off on his own protest ? or is that like bringing a knife to a gun fight ?
  3. is it the potential damage damage and cost that stops crews practicing, or just laziness ? rock and hard place using new sails to practice if you want they fresh for the race .. nut nothing stopping crews using older sails to practice heavy weather ailing if money was no option would you order two sets of all sails .. practice with one and then have fresh ones for the race ?
  4. URM commentary was classic .. amazed they left sydney harbour with the crew self destructing i wonder if that footage could have been used in a court of law if there had been an incident on URM during the race as it looked like to me the boat crew were not a fit place to do an ocean race .. but i suppose you could have said that of CQS and of wild oats XI one year
  5. why is skorpios not at the maxi rolex cup ?
  6. they will have to drop the selling price on rambler after this race ..
  7. offshore optimised 52 boats are getting long in the tooth ... new ones are super 52 med focused
  8. not really unless the conversation was we should have built a multi hull
  9. skorpios owner is a very experienced and successful racer .. i would be surprised he would be nursing the yacht unless there are some issues (which will probably be the excuse for non performance) but for a 125 ft to be going slower than a 70 ft says something maybe you just cant compare the yachts skorpios vs commanche would have been very interesting
  10. foils have changed the game why would you build a new yacht without foils ?
  11. i thought these conditions would have put skorpios much further in the lead ?
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