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  1. Recently hand laminatated panels for an efficient low HP runabout. 400 DB each side of 10mm Divinicell with epoxy and peel ply. Hand laminated and peel plied one side at a time using a flat 200 mm drywall spatula. Warping not a problem with the epoxy. Make sure the peel ply is in smaller sections as the peel ply can relax over a 1200 x 2400 sheet and leave a wrinkled finish. Foam scraps joined with fairing compound and held in place with short staples shot through plastic film to keep the edges aligned while setting. Staples easily removed by pulling off the plastic complete w
  2. Efficiency is subjective. Certainly large headsails are not efficient to windward over a wide wind range. Reaching is a different story. Very easy to reef a large roller furled headsails on a cruiser. Some IMOCA 60s have the mast stepped a fair way back from the bow and set some pretty big headsails at times.
  3. Nah, it’s a perfect match. A junk rig is around 5 times the weight of a conventional rig due to the boomletts and not being able to use spreaders/lowers on the mast. Probably ten times heavier if you take its inefficiently in to account.
  4. You seem to pine for me when I am absent from this cesspool Precious Pussycat so I will humour you and respond, but you aren’t making this easy with the lack of detail in your ramblings. If I am to play this game, and don’t get me wrong , I do like a good game, but you really do need to tell me what “ club” we are discussing. It can’t be RQ , coz , I am under the impression you cut and ran from there after that nasty little episode a while back, so at risk of repeating myself , what club are we talk’n ?
  5. Are you OK , precious petal? Your stalking is becoming a concern. Nah . Just joking. You are my plaything. Judging by your gibberish post you appear extremely butthurt. Do tell. A problem shared is a problem halved.
  6. FANYOU YACHT CLUB NSW AS club finder shows the club house as being the Opera House and it's address is the whole of NSW. WTF You could give Commodore? Aaron a call, details were on the AS club locator, drop down box Email and phone number.
  7. Petes yacht club appears to be a drab suburban house a few clicks NE of the Alfred. No water frontage. PETE'S YACHT CLUB INCORPORATED 23.9 km · 159B Plateau Rd Bilgola Plateau 2107 NSW
  8. https://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/210916DecisionofIndependentAppealsPanelMJvROC-[27582].pdf That's the long version. Bucket of tar..........check Feathers.................check Pitchfork.................check
  9. Shotover II was sitting in Mullet Creek, opposite Wondabyne Station, Hawkesbury. Looked very forlorn 18 months ago .
  10. For me to continue to troll I need more information. ………. turned on your “HEAL “ WTF What club are we talking? Surely not RQ as I thought you had done a runner from there. Unless you have taken up golf the chances of our paths ever crossing near any club are very slim. Time to have another guess. Who doesn’t like a good game? Bwahaha
  11. Jesus Ab, steady on, you are going to choke on LB’s cock at this rate. We wouldn’t want that , as we so enjoy your illuminating posts. Nah, just joking. Please continue …… dance monkey dance.
  12. https://cdn.revolutionise.com.au/site/jaoojxv9gtwx6ilu.pdf Not sure that they found the keel to inspect. I assume the decision was “it fell off”.
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