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  1. Jeeeeesus Christ, Albanygay , WTF, one moment I hang at at RQ apparently, the next in your neck of the woods. Anywho, how is the Butthurt from the election whitewash going? Just ask'n. PS How do you reconcile your God bothering views with your SA shit slinging? Just ask'n.
  2. At $25 a ticket all wealthy, white and entitled are very welcome. "Instructions for the “guidance of enlisting officers at approved military recruiting depots” issued in 1916 state that “Aboriginals, half-casts, or men with Asiatic blood are not to be enlisted – PS many slipped through the racist net , especially when the cannon fodder started running low. At the end of the war most aboriginal service men were excluded from the soldier resettlement schemes etc.
  3. Really?. You do realise Leo is building a planked timber boat , yer? and,,, You do understand why Red Lead is used, yer? PS. What would you suggest Leo paints or clads below the water line with? Not that nasty toxic copper antifouling, you hope, yer?
  4. Out of interest, what would you suggest Leo uses instead of Red Lead?
  5. When do we think Wussel will see the light and upgrade to the faster AC75 mono. At least they wont have to talk KM/hr. to confuse the GP groupies
  6. Well, you guessed wrong. Appears as though you are not very confident in your own choices and require validation from all here. Everyone has different priorities and physical capabilities.Unfurlers are the only choice for many. Some prioritise lounging in a cockpit cocooned in what resembles an oxygen tent ,others can’t do without all the heavy luxuries such as AC ,ice maker, and large heavy high powered tenders strapped to the stern. Some of us live for the joy of simple efficient sailing boats and are happy to live with and embrace all the nuances that brings. The Sad (for
  7. I think we have to more specific with the goal posts. These days most cruisers aren’t sailors. Motor sailors at best. The best choice for the majority would be Furlers. Does anyone else see the irony in paying top dollar for the latest and greatest hi tech shape holding cloth , cut perfectly and then rolling it up a bit.
  8. Sounds like you have neither the skills or the physical capability to handle hanks. Best you stick with your unfurler.
  9. FIFY. Ask that therapist of yours. PS Has this bit sunk in yet?...... This abuse of members , in such highly misleading , highly damaging circumstances & audience & intentionally to cause distress & conflict & divisions , as well as forbeing seriously defamatory & demeaning of manyever good members & volunteers , must be dealt with & ceased , once & forever.
  10. Now it has been recommended that under 50's do not receive AZ vaccine, by Aus health, unless one has underlying conditions. They state the risk v benifits for this age group doesn't stack up. The risk of AZ blood clots has been calculated to be extremely low. Is this an admission that Covid ain't really an issue for this age group.? Traffic accidents possibly more deadly.? WTF is going on? Just ask'n, not say'n.
  11. $64000. Nice return on an initial investment of $50- .....oh and access to a scrap yard. Apparently.
  12. Tasmania, Lauderdale, 10 Paper tigers and 4 F18 ( 1crewed by arseclowns)
  13. JFC , are you tak’n the piss, coz it’s been there since about 1857. Had Some pleasant meals there with the family. ps I take it you don’t sail through Eden very often. They have really started tiding the joint up.
  14. Yer, the Great Southern on the opposite side of the road.
  15. Sad. Many happy memories from the fisherman's club, and Hot showers . The showers that were eventually installed down at the docks were always fun to use in winter, when the coin operated water flow would stop and you would have to wait a while for the timer to reset. Brrrrrrr
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