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  1. Thistles worked for me. A sweet design and fun to sail. 50 years was not enough for me, but my body wore out. They will be around for a long time. My last boat , #769, is still sailing after 70 years. Great boats attract great people.
  2. I hope it is good line. I just replaced 4 halyards on our Raven.
  3. West Coast Sailing got me 4 Marlow halyards for our Raven. But that was last year. Good, knowledgeable people.
  4. I was a kid in '53. Dad was a member of the Tampa Yacht Club for business and social reasons. They had a brand new junior sailing program with Opti's, and Blue Jays at Ballast Point. We lived nearby. I loved it from the get go. They had good racing. The Davis Island Yacht Club was established in the '50's with an an emphasis on small boats. They ran world class races. The Saint Pete YC had a powerful junior yacht cub program and I sailed Sears Cup with them. It was freekin' sailing heaven. My college summers were spent as a sailing instructor at the Tampa YC. I found my love. Still sailing a
  5. Grind 'em flush and tap 'em out with a punch.
  6. Flash from the past. Not much help for your question. 1979 on a construction crew repaving an airstrip on a rich Sacramento Valley rice farm. We took our lunches in the shaded hanger. Inside were 2 classic biplanes, a Hacker, and a beautiful wooden Flying Fifteen.
  7. More than once we had the spinny up in red line wind. Coming to the leeward mark. As soon as the front crew moved forward to take down the pole, things would get real loosy and rolly. Sometimes would just blast past the leeward mark, waiting for a lull.
  8. Thistles seem to have a red line, in 35 mph wind, with boat speed topping 20 mph, the only way you can stay upright is downwind. You just can't get far enough aft. A fine line between control and death roll. I don't know what the red line would be for our Raven. Don't want to find out. But I bet it would be a severely bent or broken boom.
  9. Pin holes in Thistles won't sink them. Even sealed tanks have to breathe. Flange leaks and cracks are another problem. Must fix them The Thistle that lost it's crew in Monterey Bay, #2069, had it's jib sheet tracks moved, and the old holes in the seat tanks were not filled. The boat capsized in very rough water and the waves kept washing the crew out of the boat while trying to recover. So she spent enough time immersed for the tanks to partially fill.. Making things more difficult. It's cold out there. And the crew drifted away, exhausted. Many other Thistles capsized in that "69 District
  10. Mountain lakes, each one, has their own surprises. The ocean or the bay don't do that so much. In a lifetime of sailing, mountain lakes kicked my ass in the most amazing ways.The wind does not only channel the terrain, but goes vertical. Wind bombs outta the blue. But sailing a high elevation, sweetwater lake is close to heaven. Until the unexpected happens, suddenly. But sometimes you can get a wild ass ride.
  11. Yep. She's a real pretty design. Even parked on a trailer, waiting for the end of hurricane season, she is eye candy.
  12. The Raven has a long, flat bottom, and hard bilges like a scow. Once she gets over the bow wave, at about 15 mph, the spray flattens out, and the boat just lifts up horizontally. Moving aft helps, of course, but you don't have to hang off the transom like so many designs. Compared to shorter boats, she is easier to control downwind in a blow.Up wind a couple of hunks on the wire really helps.
  13. My comments about the Raven are true. A Raven won the Mug Race back in the '50's Dueling with the FD that won it the year before. Any FD will do 25 mph.
  14. I have been a fast dinghy addict for over 60 years. Broke in on Windmills, and FD's. We have had our Raven for 30 years, She's from Cape Cod Shipbuilding, built in 1960 Rock solid, and strong. It's just as wild ass fun when it's honkin' as any other traditional planing dinghy. Very manageable, with a skilled, strong crew. Oh lordy, that top gear is fast.
  15. In the 2001 Konocti Cup we sailed for about 2 miles holding between 26-28 mph. Two different speedos agreed. The boat, our 24 foot Raven. We set a course record.
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