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  1. In my way of looking at it, main sheet tension has a strong effect on leech tension, and as you pull on you pull the head of the mast back, and induce more bend on the bottom 2/3 of the mast. Because the prod is below the main shrouds, it is slightly pushed forward, and slightly angled up by the increased mast bend on the top 3rd. These two motions push the prod against the forestay, and so you get the levering action I was talking about. It may well be a matter of 'fashion', plus the way the back of the fleet works. The top guys have, and so there must be a performance ben
  2. Just been on a bit of a trip seeing how much @JulianB responds to these topics, so thought I would introduce one that still confuses me. Over the past 9 seasons, the mast prod has gone from innovation to must have. But it still confuses me (and some legends I've spoken to). On the basic principle, it helps pull the tip of the mast a bit further forward, and the top spreader area further back and so maybe support the mains with larger square-tops. It would undoublty alter what the sail profile should look like from the spreaders up, but I'm still a bit confused how.
  3. Channel 7 also had a cuff luff on the big rig at around that time. They had cams in them, and had to lube them up so they rotated around the mast. Not sure why they gave them up, maybe too much heartache from the zippers under all that tension.
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