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  1. Ok Guys, I have a question. At 210 lbs I have been told that I am too heavy to race against people in laser's because the heavier weight I carry would hinder my ability to win against individuals who are 160-180lbs. Is this true of the sunfish boats as well? Are they that sensitive that in lighter breezes my heavier weight would be a huge handicap?
  2. Hi Everyone, I need some direction and you guys are the best. I currently own an S2 7.9 that I have raced, very successfully on a club level in PHRF. I am now looking for an aggressive dinghy to sail at a national level. I am 6'1" and 210 lbs, sailing weight 204. I've done a lot or research and found the Finn Dinghy because: 1, it is an olympic class boat and 2, Although very technical, it is made for bigger guys like me. I am a former triathlete and weight lifter so the aggressive boat doesn't scare me. Now finding out that it is not longer an Olympic Class boat (after 2021,
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