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  1. I Think this thread should get the D variant.....and go away!
  2. I think I might have breached the rule in the 80's and 90's ....only in the clubhouse and I was attacked ...never on the racecourse. But I don't really remember. I think the angry Dads and current boyfriends chasing me around the parking lot might ? I for sure would have been tossed! Oh yeah ..I was banned for a year...but we still won everything...the owner would pick me up from a remote dock on race days. We must comply now....how many images have you seen of the shot in the arm? Get the shot ! If you get sick from this monster, you will be glad you did ! Or you get this
  3. He's a selfish moron...the Vac is not just for you it's for others around you...... eating a hot dog has more chemicals and unnatural occuring substances in it's flesh than the VAC. Chuck him for a Year if he is still around! Just look up USDA Animal Feed ...and where the ingredients come from....can you say CHINA? Melamine ? DG2? Antifreeze? Didja ever eat the worm in that Teguila Bottle? Had a shot of Absinth? Oops, the blow had too much Fentanyl ..... This team was not fully protected....the one on the far left had to switch some parts around...
  4. If you keep it on a Mooring....looks like the boat was wrapped around the mooring chain.....if the daggerboard was down...looks like it was! Fire your diver.....
  5. Sailing Yacht for Sale, Needs work, Deck in Good Shape. Suitable for Liveaboard on Land in a Boatyard near you! Call for Pricing and Financing Details. Interior has been inspected from the inside out. Might need new headliner.
  6. Build them and they will come...but who...the 30 year olds still living at home with Mom and Dad...? Who is going to fund the boats? It's a maybe, if , then scenario looking for a whale to finance. Remember POTRAF ! They still are hanging on by a thread.....
  7. Basic Seamanship was not in play on that 25403 it would have looked like 253 and 1/2 .... If that POS was hit ...the lawsuits would be flying all over the place. Sick Society .... https://www.google.com/search?q=ramones+gimme+gimme+shock+treatment&source=hp&ei=xB0nYeLGOarl5NoPoaSbuAk&iflsig=AINFCbYAAAAAYScr1K7o5bJJF02i9KcprrPhIA3Cb0AD&gs_ssp=eJzj4tFP1zcsNjAtMczOKDJg9FIuSszNz0stVkjPzM1NhZLFGfnJ2QolRamJJbmpeSUAs9wR7A&oq=ramones+gimmi&gs_lcp=Cgdnd3Mtd2l6EAEYADIHCC4QDRCTAjIECAAQDToLCC4QsQMQgwEQkwI6CAgAEIAEELEDOgsILhCABBDHARCjAjoLCAAQgAQQsQMQgwE6EQguEIAEELEDEIMB
  8. The worst part about the Black Flag is when it is applied to a Fleet of Larger Yachts when there are only a dozen Yachts on the line, really limits the options and strategy when starting. It is often caused by other fleets starting on the same line and the RC just applies it to all Starts. A very lazy and inappropriate application. But hey, it makes it easy ...isn't that what we all want....easy not traditional. I prefer flags only, minimum announcements and the old school way. Separates the men from the ...well these days who knows ....R2D2CP3O. The Best Part About "Black Flag"
  9. You cannot achieve proper headstay tension without , at the very least, runners originating at the horns and leading to the transom as close to centerline as possible. Then you must lead them to a winch so that you can wind them on hard. Especially on an old IOR boat that you are "looking" at. If the spreaders are swept back it works even better. This is if course if you want to race her. if not...you can make your cap shrouds very tight and your D-1's tight too.... of course you can have your headstay tight too....not sure why you want of get rid of all of the controls the yacht
  10. Just use a gps and check your SOG and COG on both tacks....mark your sheets so that everything is duplicated on each tack. You can also use the Navionics app on your phone.
  11. There is no substitute for a great design and a solid build. Our team raced a backyard / boatyard built racer from 1984 through the 2000's Won a Ton of races and spent many days offshore. Upgraded to another great design and build from the 90's that was modified and still relevant on the starting and finish line. And I can stand up inside and the crew has a place to go after sailing. It's a fine thing to race a great boat that has aged. It's a mix of young and older crew, a learning platform. Racing ORCi these days, so far so good. Some of the fleet have new builds and upgraded, not working
  12. Check the real estate values in the communities around most Yacht Clubs and Sailing Centers. Perform an analysis of the correlation between the top sailors in the world and their childhood home proximity to a Yacht Club or Sailing Center. Of course there are exceptions....but not many. Tie in the politics of the WS or USSA...Uncle Commodore will put a good word in for you kid! Holy Smokes, I'm going to the Trials ,can I bring my girlfriend? It's not my boat, can I have a car even if I don't win?
  13. Buyers Remorse Imminent....
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