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  1. Joakim

    I noticed you write very knowledgably about orc rating I wonder if you could give me some advice? I am looking to buy a farr 30 to sail hp 30 in uk, the farrsĀ  i'm looking at are all sailed under orc, my concern is that the displacement on the certificates show 100-150kg more than the specification displacement, are these boats heavy or could there be an issue with measuring? Is there anything I can do to check short of weighing the boat.

    cheers jon jrgpowell@yahoo.co.uk

    1. Joakim


      Which specification displacement are you comparing to? E.g. OD rules define the "builders weight" without mast etc.

      Have you checked that there is nothing added in the measurement inventory of the ORC certificate?

      ORC certificates are very likely to give an accurate displacement for Farr 30. It has been raced a lot in ORC and also with good success. Certainly any problem with displacement would have been corrected long time ago.

      You can measure the freeboards and compare to the ones in the certificate.

  2. anyone know much about this boat? Anyone know if it had irc rating? how it went, particularly against mumm/farr 30? any info be grateful. jon
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