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  1. I do get similar condensation on colder nights, but it's not a big problem in my opinion. As far as I know the wait for a build is a good 2 or more years now, though there are a few other builders around who are looking at building them.
  2. Sorry I missed that he said upgrading to a vertical MHU. That should have been obvious to me! I have a WS320 that we made a 1m aluminium extension for. It's early days, but testing so far as been pretty good. I haven't seen any obvious wind speed anomalies.
  3. Nice boat! Very jealous. In my experience sailing with a reef in the main will be beneficial, as it will have very little impact on speed and makes changing gears easier. I also agree with Zonker, you'll want to change down from the asym and Code 0 at lower wind speeds. Do ask your sail maker what they recommend. On my 48 footer I'll run the spin to 10 or 11 knots AWS then go to the Code D up until the higher teens. Beyond that, back to main and genoa.
  4. And you insinuating that it isn't true should be more believable?
  5. Awesome project. I'll be super keen to have a play with this later! Out of interest, which auto pilot does this 526 have in it? I'm guessing it's a NAC-3 if there's no 3D motion correction for the wind data.
  6. What's you thinking behind the need to upgrade the MHU to get better TW performance? What's the limitation with the existing one?
  7. Thanks for the update. Great to hear you're all back at it!
  8. Northeaster: Afraid I can't answer any of those questions.. You'll need to ask Tim!
  9. Did you end up getting anywhere with this one. I've been wondering if you could use the WS320 as an input to the H5000 CPU? I'd assume that the issue might be that the wind source must be directly fed into the CPU for motion correction and not straight into the network.
  10. Thank you proasailor for the awesome info! Greatly appreciated. I have some homework to do now! Or maybe more to the point, the outside rudder will be doing all the work while the inside is just coasting along at much smaller AOA.
  11. I'm going to making some new rudders for my boat soon. How much ackerman is a good thing?
  12. You wouldn’t need a larger sail plan on one of these, even loaded up. It’s a decent sized rig (18.5m mast, 76m main, 46m Genoa, 155m asym). Actually, the later model square top main is a little bigger. As a live aboard it’s an excellent boat. There’s a heap of space for tools and spares along with a huge dedicated work bench. The galley is huge, open, light and airy and very well connected to the rest of the boat. I use few of the lockers in the adjacent cabin as overflow pantry space. Lots of room for sails and sailing gear. There are plenty of detail things I’d change in a new build, li
  13. I think that's just performance catamaran owner weight anxiety, more than a real issue. My boat sits a fair bit lower in the water since I bought it and moved aboard full time, with a fair few more toys than the previous owner, however I really haven't noticed any difference in speed. The difference is far less pronounced than the difference between between a dirty bottom and a clean bottom, which is very obvious. That said I'm still very conscious about the weight I've added and have been trying hard to keep it down. A mate has just bought a Mumby that's structurally complete, but
  14. I'm sure some do, but most that I know of don't. That said, despite living in a pretty warm part of the world I've never felt like I needed it. These boats stay surprisingly cool. In my judgement, a lot cooler than most fibreglass boats I've been on.
  15. Serious question, what do you guys want from Paul? Do you want a disclaimer at the bottom of every post that acknowledges the Rapido 50 is a bit heavy and they did a poor job on some SeaRails? We get it. We all know it now. Some things haven’t worked out well. It’s plastered all over this forum. Anyone can find it in a search. But please, it doesn’t need to get brought up every single time he posts. It’s tiresome.
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