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  1. Amazing to see the boat getting paint. Wonderful. I've often wondered why no one uses copper sheathing on the ship's bottom anymore. Seems that would be best to prevent worms.
  2. Do they? Of course not. They are fascists. That should be obvious.
  3. Interesting thing about his location is that Sequim has a much better climate than the surrounding areas. Some kind of weather shadow I'm told. Much colder and wetter in Port Townsend.
  4. I think Leo could sell sets of these drawings as a fund raiser. I personally would love one.
  5. I didn't realize that you were such a tough guy. Very good at calling names,
  6. Yes, I knew she was your type. You two have a great sense of humor in common. And now that she's on the loose you can make your move. Anyway I don't think you'll have a lot of competition. And you can't be much worse than that last doofus.
  7. At least we now know why her face was obscured in the earlier videos.
  8. What? They didn't come with a back-up hull? This can hardly be considered GP racing.
  9. $1 million would be a great bargain. More like $4 million. Those shiny knees got to be worth $1 million alone.
  10. I think I remember that some wooden boats were built with galvanized iron floors that lasted for many decades.
  11. Yikes! Wondered what had happened to this guy from years ago. Good for him!
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