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  1. H is there a way to mark ropes which is durable but can be moved? I mean I usually mark them with a permanent pen, but then you have a new setup, and so add a new mark, and so on...I thought about tapes, but i suppose they will get stuck in the jammers. Anything else?
  2. Fair warning, potentially stupid question. so I want to lash a few low truncation rings to a D-ring in the hull. I know to do a few wraps around them, and then wrap it around between the two rings to tighten it, but then what? I looked at things like these on other boats, and it seems like they end it with a couple of simple knots, but I’m not sure. Am I missing something?
  3. Thanks! How big a diameter you can make that U-turn?
  4. Hi im thinking about getting a roller for my A sails. It’s a 90m2 sail and soon I want a 140m2 one. We have a code0 which we roll and it’s much easier to tack, also we just lower the rolled tube and store it. But the code0 has no torsion rope. How do you store the sail when it’s rolled on the torsion rope? Can you put that in a circle? There must be a way.
  5. Hey I just found this thread, sitting at home missing my boat. I read it from the start in one afternoon. Amazing job! Congratulations. I suppose there isnt much happening there either, which is a shame. Keep us posted.
  6. +1 iregatta...but it really expects NMEA0183..
  7. I use realVNC. There is no internet on board, just a wifi router plugged into the laptop, which is running expedition thru a USB Actisense. ipad logs in easily.
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