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  1. Hi TBW Don’t roll over in your sleep in that one. I love the AI’s for expedition style trips as you can even get up and walk around on them. I managed a three night camping trip on the Myall Lakes with two adults and my daughter when much younger including all the camping gear on just my original single AI. Seriously overloaded but we managed regardless but I did purchase a tandem AI pictured below relatively shortly afterwards based on that experience. Second shot peddling directly into a 20knot breeze hence sail furled. Third shot cliffs all us in the gorge we were passing through so lunch
  2. Hi Tom I will take a shot on my return from leave as I am just towing my yacht up to the Whitsundays at present. The black plastic wave ski duck bill was from a Western Australian manufacturer and looks like it was made for it as it was a reasonably close fit and I remolded it to fit exactly softening and reshaping with a paint stripper hot air gun. It fits nicely around the nose and around the carry handle as well. I equipped this HAI single to do an extended solo trip out to the Whitsundays in 2009 including motor mount for 2 hp Honda, big esky with solar panel mounted on top, mesh con
  3. Hi Guys I have sailed Hobie Islands since they first came out and have a series one single and series two tandem. I have fitted a big wave ski plastic duck bill to my single AI as I sometimes use it in mild surf and especially the early designs had a tendency to nose dive in big waves. This has solved that problem almost completely. Even planing down the face of a wave under sail the broad upward curved almost paddle like nose cone shape keeps the nose on the surface. Upwind I do use the supplied off centre centerboards but also hold the fins central which probably gives some of the lift of th
  4. Children!! Can we play nice in the sand pit please. Actually I am old enough to have been around when Australia changed from Imperial to metric and still think of myself as 6 foot 2 not 188cms. For ages I still thought in MPG not liters per 100klms and held for many years a fuel economy record at 187 mpg in a FIAT 127 and still couldn't immediately convert that in my head to Liters per 100 klms except googling it as I have done now. Its 1.51 litres per 100 klms out of interest per English MPG as was used here in Australia. Then on top of that English and Us gallons are different Arrrgh!.
  5. Hi Woahboy No that is the central console with the wheel, main engine controls and info displays along with the torqeedo electric outboard remote throttle control. The blue canvas is just a cover to prevent sun damage. Hidden behind all that is also the secondary tiller for sailing. Also woops I meant 2,000 klms away. Jumping back and forward for US based people here sometimes gets confusing. The grill is a small Magna kettle in the back corner not sighted in this shot but in the shot below. LOL
  6. Hi All Well the first big tow to a distant cruising trip is commencing with the rubber hitting the road Thursday morning EST Australia. Straight out of the blocks is a 650 meter climb up Barrengarry Mountains to reach the Southern Highlands from Kangaroo Valley. The yacht will be fully loaded minus most of the fresh water and half of the diesel and some of the food. The tight mountain road has multiple switch backs and some very steep sections and has seen numerous car and truck crashes due to brake failure and slippery conditions. Then it is on past Sydney heading to North Queensland and Airl
  7. Probably so no one noticed when it turned turtle.
  8. I agree. It was beautifully built but scary to even think about having any significant canvas up on. I believe subsequently the new owner derigged both the sail and keel, took off the two small outboards which rose out of the water on an elevator system and fitted one big one. It just caught my eye in passing driving back from Brisbane to Southern NSW having test sailed several trailable yachts up there. Its amazing what some people will think of. Apparently the builder was a competent boat builder and a bit of an inventor but not a sailor.
  9. Believe it or not this thing was rigged and equipped to sail with a centreboard and junk style rig. It had a steering station up on top. I saw it on the road side for sale and curiosity got the better of me and I just had to have a look! PS Yes that is also a day bed up on top between the steering station seats. At least it could be good for something!
  10. Nice piece. Yep, we are a very temporary inhabitants here on planet Earth and Issac Asimov wrote a book called a Choice of Catastrophies many years ago. Most of those we have no control over whatsoever and are proven extinction events. Best to just get on with living with a little consideration for others.
  11. Hi All I have a torqeedo 1003 that is both my dingy motor and is mounted on the back of my 28 foot cruising TS with their remote throttle unit as it’s electric auxiliary. It was the only small outboard that could do both these functions easily that I could find. I previously had a minn kota trolling motor on the back of my trailable cruising Catamaran which also performed very well as a second auxiliary. I find it great when sailing uprivers to have the electric motor available for those sections when the wind is right on the nose and for mast down bridge and powerlines transits. The tra
  12. No but a lot of Opti Sailers and their coaches in their dingy’s could have a lot of fun for the same fuel use.
  13. What like a quick trip over there with 6 outboards.
  14. Hi kent_island _sailer Yep I absolutely get where you are coming from but if you were using a Jumbo Jet to fly you and just a couple of mates down to Cape May I would give you the finger for unnecessary consumption as well. I absolutely agree about keeping government out of regulating everything but they are less likely to do so if real excess isn’t just ignored or tolerated without comment by us all.
  15. Is that one that uses well under 2 litres and hour at cruising speed on water (when it’s not usually sailing using nothing) and uses a car to get to its distant cruising destination at a tiny fraction of the fuel use of any normal economical cruising powerboat doing the same. I didn’t say any of us are perfect but I bet the 5-6 engine powerboat would use way more in a day than what my yacht would use in a year. Add another few days and it would probably cover my tow vehicles use as well. I am currently required to drive over 30,000 miles a year for my job so I am likely to go much lighte
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