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  1. Probably so no one noticed when it turned turtle.
  2. I agree. It was beautifully built but scary to even think about having any significant canvas up on. I believe subsequently the new owner derigged both the sail and keel, took off the two small outboards which rose out of the water on an elevator system and fitted one big one. It just caught my eye in passing driving back from Brisbane to Southern NSW having test sailed several trailable yachts up there. Its amazing what some people will think of. Apparently the builder was a competent boat builder and a bit of an inventor but not a sailor.
  3. Believe it or not this thing was rigged and equipped to sail with a centreboard and junk style rig. It had a steering station up on top. I saw it on the road side for sale and curiosity got the better of me and I just had to have a look! PS Yes that is also a day bed up on top between the steering station seats. At least it could be good for something!
  4. Hi All I have a torqeedo 1003 that is both my dingy motor and is mounted on the back of my 28 foot cruising TS with their remote throttle unit as it’s electric auxiliary. It was the only small outboard that could do both these functions easily that I could find. I previously had a minn kota trolling motor on the back of my trailable cruising Catamaran which also performed very well as a second auxiliary. I find it great when sailing uprivers to have the electric motor available for those sections when the wind is right on the nose and for mast down bridge and powerlines transits. The tra
  5. Hmmm Snowed in versus bush fire. Yep, Agree, I would go with snowed in as well.
  6. We don't have those problems here down under. Is this called Snow Boating as distinct from Show Boating?
  7. Hi Meatwad Yes we had a ball. The place we hired them in NZ had two sizes so big guys like me weren’t left behind by skinny little things like my daughter. They were really easy to sail unlike the grass sailing windsurfer I used to own which was like a huge skateboard with inflatable tyres that had a sailboard rig attached on a flexible gooseneck. I sailed that one around on local sports fields but had a lot of crash and burns over time. One of my ex brother in laws was one of the early inventors and mine was one of the last preproduction prototypes. They never really took off perhaps as unlik
  8. Hi My daughter and I had lots of fun sailing them. I wouldn’t want to be involved with a port/starboard incident whilst triangles racing.
  9. Been there done that when on holiday with my daughter in NZ. It was really fun and I recommed it. Kiwi’s are still prone to throw the safety rule book out the window thank goodness!
  10. Ok I get it but where’s the sarc tag. BTW most of us here may not need a heads up but these days I can assure you that a huge bulk of the population bloody does! No Sarc Tag.
  11. Hi Monsoon Have you not ever taken over, purchased or watched someone else struggle with the Almost Finished Build or Reno of anything. Boats, Cars, Houses. The devil ( and often much of the expense) is in the final details rather than the big quick stuff.
  12. Yes 85% complete but nearly all the expense in re-equpping is often in that last 15%. Its a bit like new house builds or renovations. Almost complete is nowhere near complete.
  13. I suspect municipal verge/roadside repossession or similar. Looks perfectly sailable or at least repairable to me. Probably typical bureaucratic and government waste of resources as more expensive at government wages and effort to find it a new home than what it could be sold for!
  14. Hi Norse Horse, Stumblingthunder and co Picked up this one and comments from you guys just hunting around on SA for fun after knocking off from work. You think they could make these things a bit faster under motor, they are really just not trying hard enough! All that money and slower than my little TS under motor and likely slower under sail as well. I think at 25-30plus knots depending on how it’s loaded I will claim the Mac 26 killer title for what very little shit that is worth! Just stirring. I hope only for a minor consolation prize in the ugly boat race however.
  15. Arrghh Horrific! We visited these areas back in 2002 touring in a buy then sell A class motorhome and there were already miles of plastic greenhouses but from these photos it has become overwhelmingly worse. Very sad.
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