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  1. Thats awesome, enjoy it they're a great boat!! I've crewed on one the last few years and would like to get my own. Ideally on the cheaper side, I want to use it locally in the Friday night beer can series. I don't have the time and money to travel just yet, my Radial campaign is the priority for now.
  2. Where the heck are you finding 24s for 10k??
  3. There are a few on facebook marketplace and Sail1Design
  4. Zim's still going to make them right? Any pictures of those yet?
  5. I'd check facebook groups that sell lasers or district groups. Occasionally Paige sells some on the class forum
  6. Yea I just want it as a toy, maybe do some beer can racing in the bay with it
  7. How bad of an idea is this? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/748895322700516/?ref=search&referral_code=undefined
  8. As long as the new builders stop making them that awful purple color like PSA does
  9. Eh wax probably won't fill them like your thinking yea it'll fill it but you're still going to notice them. As far as the gel coat its depends on how bad the damage is that might be more work than its worth. It might be best to wet sand the light ones and leave the bad ones. Do you have a picture?
  10. I should probably add that I used acid to get the yellowing out
  11. I didn't sand mine, it looks pretty fresh after taking years of club boat neglect
  12. 3M Heavy wax then use the 3M cleaner wax and finish it off with collinite. Here's some before and after on the one I did but I didn't use collinite, please ignore the giant patch on the side it lost a fight with another boat before I got it. IMG_3258.HEIC IMG_3273.HEIC IMG_3274.HEIC
  13. It bums me out how few places are still making their own covers and such too, I think Colie Sails and Moorhouse are the only ones? So much better quality that what you would get from laser
  14. Buy the APS location call it East Coast Sailing?
  15. I think I found a good use for my stimulus check...
  16. Local club is a bike ride away, In the winter I drive 3 hours each way for a laser frostbite series. It's really the only option for me that time of year if I want to race competitively
  17. So with Tokyo postponed a year is the lower becoming legal pushed back as well?
  18. While we're at it lets retain the Finn for 2024 as well
  19. I really want a happy gilmore style sailing movie
  20. Lucky for me theres no one really around my club this time of year anyway so I've been able to still take my laser out
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