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  1. Understood (BTW my approach either way would be that, I would just avoid spending a million bucks more working on the boat if it seems like it will fall apart, though I doubt that it is anywhere close to that bad).
  2. *Update Restoration was finished. Pictures coming soon. However, having taken a closer look at the finished product while putting the boat away, I noticed that if I pushed with my thumb as hard as I could, about .5mm of give and a quieter version of the dreaded crunches that often spell the death of old boats. Hobie aficionados, should I be concerned about this, or am I picking nits?
  3. I would part it out, you could get $300 or so of part value off of a hull (Rails, Outhauls, Blocks, Cleats ext).
  4. If you enjoy hearing about stupidity, look no further...
  5. Likewise (to your lord and savior Trump of course)
  6. And the "Bay of Pigs" Award For the most senseless conflict initiation goes to...Donald Trump Illiterate Trump Supporters: "Shut up @Navig8tor , pay attention, this is actually about Tax cuts"
  7. Boat Locker in Bridgeport. They are adding some to their demo fleet. Not sure if COVID affected this, look at their event calendar.
  8. I would be a little more quiet, the spies are everywhere. All I will say is, M14 all the way...ive said too much!
  9. I live a little inland so probably LYC. For now I am getting a double handed skiff/racing dingy to train potential crew (contingency plan (: ). My only barrier is the fact that the 111 is a little tempting...
  10. Who knows, maybe we will end up racing each other (:
  11. I am in your shoes. Family that hates sailing and one member (myself) who is absolutely obsessed. I would never consider a J11s (to neutered and rare) so the 99 and 97e are basically the only other options I would have. Have you raced thunder in any local offshore races? I couldn't find you in the PHRF/IRC NE registry.
  12. Maybe, code zero makes a big difference when it comes to a boat like this that is very weak in light wind situations. The main thing that eludes me about the 99 is the comparison with the 111. Having owned a J92 "back in the day" (not really that long ago but feels like it) I garner great appreciation for the semi-offshore J's in this size range. A little over a year ago, I was looking to get back into the offshore scene after crewing in a few small club races and deciding that my now entirely dingy filled fleet wasn't cutting it for me anymore, I looked into buying a 111 (in my opinion
  13. Thin Man does not have water ballast, and usually sails with a crew of 4. This year was a lot of light air, took some boats til Sunday to finish. The only other 99 in the area, is Agent 99, owned by the Johnstones, she rated 78 in last years much higher wind NYYC Round the Island Race and took 2nd overall, again though was corrected over by a J105...seems like a pattern.
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